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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Such A Beautiful Splash Of Purple

July 7, 2015

Good morning.  It's going to be hot, hot, hot here all week.  There's a tiny breeze this morning, so I opened the door and raised the bottom window on the storm door in order to enjoy that little breeze.  Soon, it will be in the upper 80's, with probably no breeze.

Today the oldest person in the world is celebrating her 116th birthday.  She was born in Alabama in 1899.  Wowee!!  Susannah Mushatt Jones, of Brooklyn, says that the key to longevity is bacon, lots of sleep, love and positive energy.  Congratulations, and Happy Birthday Susannah.

It's been very quiet here at the house.  Everyone is tired from the busy holiday weekend.  Some of the dwarfs went to the nearby Brockton Fair Saturday night, and then stayed to watched the fireworks display.  This is the 140th year the Brockton Fair has been here, and it is the last year it will be here.  It has been something wonderful and fun to look forward to every year, and will be missed.

I do have photos to share of a lovely plant that is flourishing in the little garden by our front door.  Some folks may call this a weed, but weeds are plants, and this one is really pretty.  It is called Creeping Bellflower (Campanula Rapunculoides), and it makes a lovely splash of purple color  by the pink rose tree.

Today, I will see about installing Firefox, so that I can finish making my new blog book.  I started making the book a few days ago, but my browser has been causing a few problems.  I put in a call to Shared Book, and they suggested that I switch my browser to Firefox.

Right now, though, it's time to play with Pogo.  He is crawling all over to me let me know that he wants to play.  So, on that note, I'll take my leave.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
I am glad to see that your lovely plant/weed is thriving. I wish that I could be so lucky. I have a pain in my right side and just cannot get moving this morning. I have no idea what is causing the pain but I am just really tired as well from not sleeping because every time I roll over, I start hurting again.
I don't think that there will be a blog post for me. I think that I need something for the pain and lay back down. Hugs from Cisco and I... Oh... I love it that Pogo wants to play. How darling is that!!?

smiekeltje said...

I know the Campanula family, and they have wonderful species. I have one in my garden too, actually two species, each a different color of purple/lilac. The one I have is a low one, and if don;t keep it undercntrol(meaning ripping and digging out sometimes whole bunches, it would cover my whole garden space LOL! But they are ever so lovely plants.
Would love to know how to box a bit of energy to send to you, LOL, but there are also a lot of days we don't seem to find a bit of energy at all!!
Today our weather is kind f hopeless, suddenly, rainshowers with a lot of wind, temps down to about 18C. It is a strange summer.
Stay cool and don;t move around too much when it is so warm, may be an icecream or two might help fo a while?????

The Queen Jester said...

The creeping bellflower is lovely. I think a weed is only a plant you just don't happen to want in your garden....some are so beautiful I think if they were potted up in a garden center and given their Latin names, people would probably buy them.

Annesphamily said...

Beautiful purple colors! I have a strange plant growing outside too. Some say it looks like a weed but the leaves are so pretty. It is very tall and green but I love it! That oldest person is something else. I would love to sit and talk with her. Bacon, one of our pastors says bacon is the best thing ever! LOL LOL LOL!Great share Edna, have a blessed and beautiful day.