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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kitchen Project Is Coming Along

July 19, 2015

Good morning.  It's early yet, so the sun is not out yet.  But, the air is cool and feels good.   I've been up since 5:15 am, watching "Christmas In July" on QVC.   I enjoy seeing all the fun new things that are available now for holiday entertaining.  When I was younger, a lot of these things would have been such fun. 

Yesterday was my Michael's and my brother Artie's birthday.  They're not here, but I hope they know that I'm thinking of them.   I miss them, so my memories of this fun day are very precious to me.

Eddie and Kevin came by yesterday afternoon to start work on my kitchen.  They will be back this morning to finish up the job.  After they left last evening, I went to turn on the kitchen light, and guess what?  No light.  No big deal as there is a light over the sink so it's not really too dark. 

Next, I went to cook supper in the microwave for Pogo and me.  Oops!  No microwave either.  Until Eddie gets the new outlets in, there is no electricity in most of the kitchen.  Finally, I got out a long heavy duty extension cord and plugged it in out in the laundry room and ran it into my kitchen.  Now I can use the microwave, or whatever else requires electricity. 

Eddie removed the stove top from the cabinet, and replaced it with a beautiful new countertop.  (I don't have a regular stove.  It's stove top on top of a base cabinet.)   Plus he is building two slide-out drawers inside the cabinet.  This will make it easier for me to get at the pots and pans.  Here's a picture of the base cabinet.  Mine is much darker.

It will be so nice to be able to reach all of pans without crawling around in the bottom of the cabinet to find something.   It will also be great to finally have a nice countertop with outlets and room for my oven.   I usually have to do all my baking in the stove out in the kitchen (in the main house).  Now I'll be able to bake in my own oven.  Woo Hoo.

Today I have more photos of some of the lilies in our garden.  They are just so beautiful.  Gosh, it would be wonderful if they bloomed all summer long.  Ah well, we are enjoying them while they bloom.

God willing and I'm not sick, I would like to get more plants for the garden, and maybe build a patio of sorts with a gazebo so that it would be comfortable to sit out there.  We'll see.  This year I lost all of the Spring, so I'm getting a late start on the yard projects. 

One of the things I did do was to order a large deck box to put the outdoor chair and bench cushions in.   Now I won't have to be bringing the cushions in the house at night and taking them back out the next day.  Here's an image of the deck box (taken from the web).

Well, I think it's time for me to get busy and do a few things before Eddie gets here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Annesphamily said...

Updating our homes is quite a process. We have been painting and have our bedroom and some trim around to finish. Jeremy flew to Boston today for business. He loves it, the history you know and the food. Ah...the seafood! I gave him a few first class stamps, "Mail your mother a postcard from Boston Pleeeeeeease". LOL I hope he doe. Your kitchen sounds terrific. Glad to know you and Pogo are doing well. My cousin in New York is waiting on new siding and windows in her home! Woo Hoo! Living underneath Canada can get quite cold in the winter time! Ah, you would not know anything about that huh? Hee Hee! We are helping Brittany with the dogs. Addy will be so angry if she can not have them with her. LOL! So right now they are all chilling out here. Bandit and Stella are bed hogs. Smokey, like Leo, is so petite, weighing in at 120 (Leo) and 75 lbs. (Smokey) so they must sleep beside the bed. Darn they sure try hard to sneak on...silly dogs! I want to get a job soon so I can buy them the Big Barker beds. Large bred dogs need their bones and joints to be healthy and they say dogs love those big ole beds. Cost $$$ though! Always good to see you here. Have a wonderful Sunday and take care. Hugs!

LV said...

Sounds lot a lot work, but you will be so happy when finished, it will not matter. Sounds like you have some great ideas. Wish you the best in this makeover.

smiekeltje said...

Your kitchen is coming along fine and it will be great and you will love to do your thing there.!
Oh gosh, you have lots of plans for the garden, but why not. Perhap not all will be accomplished, but it is nice to think and dream about it LOL.
That big bix for your chair and bench cushions is great. I have one too(got it from Heidi), not having anything in it yet, but it will be used, I am sure.

Hmmm, yesterday was a nice but at the same time a bit sad day. But of course Michael and Artie know you are thinking of them, because you keep them in your heart.

Eddie and Kevin are sometimes like little angels, aren;t they, hahahaha? But no, without joking, you are very lucky to have such handy men around.
You give them a hug from, but only when they have finished the job, okay?

You have a great day,

The Queen Jester said...

Kitchen remodels can be hard to live through, but it will be so nice when it's all done.

We had one of those deck boxes before as well, they are really nice to corral all the "stuff" that accumulates out there. Great place to keep the cushions and such dry when rain is coming.

The lilies are lovely. It's hard not to keep adding to one's garden, plants are so addictive.

It's looking good and you should be able to really enjoy your space now with the new furniture and kitchen improvements.

Garla Reed said...


What great news you have with the starting of the kitchen!! And I know that it is a pain right now, but just think of eventually having it all done. What may I ask is induction cooking? I had a stove once that was just flat with burners. Is that what it is called? I always thought that I would love it but I would cringe at the scratches that I put on it. I didn't use anything but the Pyrex glass cook wear on it and it seemed that I burned everything I tried to cook because glass keeps cooking!
Now I just have a plain old electric stove and oven. Would love to have something more updated but at the moment I am just glad that I have something to cook on.

Gorgeous flowers. I love seeing your pictures. I am sure that your place is just beautiful and I am so happy that your getting windows replaced and that you have your furniture. Any improvements are wonderful smile starters!

Have a lovely day and tell Pogo that Auntie Beth is thinking of him... Hugs, Beth