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Monday, June 15, 2015

Some Clocks Never Die, They Just Tick Away!!

June 15, 2015

Good morning.  Tis very gray and wet outside today.  We need this rain though.  Our gardens are all doing happy dances this morning.  Speaking of gardens, here is a photo of the Dwarfs' veggie garden.  It is filled with tiny green plants.

Yesterday, Joe planted the rest of the new plants, and now we will have to wait and see how they take.  I bought three of these new plants specifically for shady areas.  Two of the plants were "False Spirea", one white and one pink.  (Astilbe)

The third plant is an "African Daisy" (Ostica Blue Eye).  This is such a pretty daisy with a blue and yellow center.  Have you ever seen anything like this?

Next, I just had to take a photo of this daisy from the back side.  It is sooooo pretty!!!

Let me tell you about a clock that Michael and I bought while on vacation back in the 80's.  I called it my "chicken clock" because one of the many sounds that it made was a rooster crowing on the hour, every hour.  After a very short while, we got tired of listening to this clock and placed it on a shelf way back in the closet.   We never bothered replacing the batteries because we were just going to let the clock die out on it's own. 

Well, it never did quite die out on it's own.  When we moved out of my big house, I put this little clock on top of our refrigerator here and forgot about it.  Well, actually, I should say "tried" to forget about it.  After a while, you don't even hear it talking or crowing anymore.  However, whenever daughter Audrey would come for a visit, she would threaten to kill my little chicken clock.  It drove her nuts!!

Many years have gone by, and this little clock is still hanging in there.  I have to say though, that the sounds that come out of it now are rather strange.  It sort of sounds like the "chicken" is running out of breath.  Short soft squeals have replaced the annoying "time reminders" that used to come from it.  I'm thinking that my little chicken clock may be squeaking it's last chirp by the end of this summer.  And we (I) still have not ever replaced any batteries in it.   How about that!!  (I would open up the back of the clock to see what kind of batteries are in it, but I don't want to kill this little clock before it's time.)

Well, that's my news for this morning.   So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

I bet that little clock would still crow IF you put in new batteries lol. hahaha! Too funny. I know how it can get on your nerves tho. My mother in law had one that chirped different bird sounds every hour on the hour and made some kind of little peep at the half hour. I wanted to throw it out the door and so did many others, but of course she would not hear of that. I haven't thought of that clock in many years. I bet that it is still hanging on the wall above the dining room table as my ex husband inherited the house and he never threw anything away!

All of your flowers are just lovely and I do hope that the new ones will take hold and bloom. I particularly love the blue and white daisies... Very unusual and beautiful.

Going to run over and update my blog while I can. My daughter Laurie is coming over and we are going to grocery shop! She and the rug rats will be here probably in the next hour or so. As for me... I cant wait to see the kids. I might spend time with them and let her grocery shop! You have a great day! Hugs, Beth

Nani said...

I don't think I'd check the batteries before the clock finished it's final croak either but wen it finally does die I'd find out the brand of batteries and never buy anything but thet brand for all of my things that need batteries!

The African Daisy if just gorgeous, breathtakingly gorgeous!

We have a rainy week ahead of us. I think it'll either be a week of scrapbooking or a week of naps fro me! :)

Hugs, Nani

The Queen Jester said...

I always enjoyed the false spirea - they are so bushy and pretty.
The clock sounds like a hoot - great story that gave me a chuckle.

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I am singing a different toon here ... we have had weeks of rain and this week is no different. We will have flooding on the lake soon and I have to tell you the grass grows faster than I can cut it. I never thought I would say it, but a little drought would be nice about now. Mint has already harvested cabage and lettuce from her garden and she has peppers on her plants already, Everything will be eaten by mid summer and we will have to start all over ... and we are getting a little help from our little groundhog who I have seen a lot of lately.

I bet if you opened up your chicky clock and put a new battery in it, he would start cock a doodle doing again. Sounds like he is willing, just needs some energy. I have a clock on my desk that doesn't say anything (thankfully) but has been running forever. Every once in awhile it gets a little behind time, but then all of a sudden it is fine again. I am thinking maybe my Fh is sneaking into the picture and either changing the battery or resetting the time when I am not looking. He got this clock when he was still working which is well over 20 years agao. Hmmm, don't think they make things to last anymore, there is not profit in that :(

Izzi is depressed, she can't play or run or jump or twist, she can only walk. And, with it raining everyday, she can't do much of that. She is getting sluggish and I have to coax her into her walks. But it is a must do so she can rebuild her muscles in that leg. This is an event I hope I never have to deal with again ... and I am guessing that Izzi would second that motion.

I am still struggling with my new camera what little bit I can get out to use it with all of the rain. I have to use the screen and I am not good at locating objects at a distance. Practice makes perfect so they say so I just keep trying. You said something about turning something on or off so I could use the viewfinder, but I didn't write it down and now I can't find it ... what was that again? Well, I am reading a good book so I think I will go down and cozy up in a chair and listen to the rain and read. Sounds boring, doesn't it? Be well, Edna and hugs for the Pogo :)

Andrea @ From the Sol

smiekeltje said...

Oh boy, that story about the "chicken"clock made me smile!!! So funny! Don't touch it, just let it do it's thing if it will make any noise at all in some time. Isn't there a little button on it, where you can choose if you want the chicken sound or just silence??

Those daisies are gorgeous!!!!
And that Astilbe are beautiful too, I have some in my garden too, some in shade some have lots more sun but always doing great! And when they have grown a bit bigger, you dig them out,split them (they are easy to devide, and plant the parts again, it's the easy and cheap way to have some more of them. They look so great in a larger group.

I would love to have some real rain(if possible in the evening and night,of course), our garden could do with it.
Okay, I will check for one or two recipee's for this evening's dinner and then slowly get into gear for a quick grocerie shopping.
Have a wonderful day, sending a hug to you, oh and a cuddle for Pogo!