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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It's Going To Be A Busy Summer

June 9, 2015

Good morning.  Today we have clouds, and are expecting a bit of rain.  However, it should turn to sunshine later this afternoon.  Tis a great day to maybe do a couple of household chores.  Note, I said "maybe".  It's also a great day to just play or do crafts or nap.  I prefer one of the latter three ideas.

Now that I'm re-entering the human population, I need to start thinking about which projects to do on the house this summer.  I'm thinking that maybe I'll have some more new windows put in.    Once those are all finished, I'll have to have someone come in and refinish the woodwork around the windows.  Hmmm, lots to think about here.

Today I have photos that I took a few days ago of my peony plants.  Of course, by now the buds are even bigger.  This first photo is the rosy red bush, and the second photo is the white bush.  These are going to be gorgeous once they are ready to bloom.

Yesterday, I finished the Buff lapghan, and started a new one using Cornmeal color yarn.  I was doing pretty good with this new one until I found a boo boo that I had made, and had to rip most of it out and start over.  This is when I set it down and walk away for a while.  I'll give it another try later today.

Pretty soon I'll have to get back to working on my afghans.  I still have two to get done before Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, it's time to organize my gift drawer and make a list of what still needs to be made or bought before the Winter gets here.  Laugh if you want, but half of the year is already gone by.  It won't take very long for the other half to get here.  (Oh dear, what a terrible thought!)

I'm hoping to go furniture shopping soon too.  We could use a new sofa in the main house, and I could use another chair for my living room.  This should be fun, and I'm definitely looking forward to it.   Today I need to call Town Hall to find out what, if any, permits I need to have my porch built.  It's going to be a busy summer.

Well, I think that's about all my news for this morning.  Pogo is walking back and forth between me and the refrigerator.  I think he's trying to tell me something.  Like maybe he want's his breakfast?  Yup, that's probably it.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Well, you are finally back on my dashboard ... I don't know why, but then, I don't know why you disappeared. Never any rhyme or reason when it comes to blogger.

So good to see you up and about and planning projects and a porch ... really? A porch. What kind of porch are you going to build? A deck maybe or are you going to try to match the style of the house . Very big undertaking, I must say ... you go girl!

My Peonies have bloomed and are now on the down swing. They are beautiful, but they get so heavy they end up laying on the ground. This year I remembered to put supports around them while they were still small, but believe it or not, with all of the rain we have had, they still ended up on the ground. And the worst part is I can't get my lawn mower under them to cut the grass that they have fallen out over. I am sure it is a foot long under there by now.

Izzi had a set back last Friday. She woke up in the morning and her incision was all red and swollen and she was limping on it again. I took her to the Vet. They think it is a soft tissue issue because the surgery was still in tack, but they put her back on antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, pain meds and restricted activity. Today she seems to be getting back to her old self which means I have to be very careful not to let her do something stupid like jumping up on the bed or chasing a squirrel. She is tired and it is going to take a while for her to regain her muscle strength, but in her mind, she should be able to do what she always did ... hair pulling time.

With all the rain Mint's gardens are growing like crazy, but now we have a little resident (ground hog) who thinks he should have access to her food. Not sure how to convince him otherwise ... any suggestions?

Well, I have much to do today. My daughter has to go from lab work and I need to clean house ... meaningful cleaning, not just touch ups or chasing dust bunnies. We have our hair cuts tomorrow and I use that as motivation to do some things that I just avoid most of the time. To bad when you have to be kicked in the patoot to do what needs to be done, but it is what it is. You and Pogo have a nice day and I will be watching your progress on your new porch ... that is pretty exciting to me :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

Nani said...

I'm SO glad to hear you're getting ready to rejoin the humans!! hehe

It's really never too early to gift-plan for Christmas, but don't mention that's it so close to the halfway point! I'm ready to enjoy the summer. We'll be on vacation starting this weekend and while Michigan-born me bring have a coat because there's always a chance of freezing, I don't want to wear it! ;)

Hugs, Nani