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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shopping My Little Heart Out!!

May 6, 2015

Good morning.  Tis a bit on the cloudy side this morning, but if today is anything like yesterday, the sun will be out in a while and the whole day will be fabulous.   It's already almost 70F and it's not even ten o'clock yet. 

I guess the good news is that I'm all done with the antibiotic.  The doctor says it will just take time now.  Hmmm, easy for him to say!    Part way through the day, I do feel as though I'm getting stronger.  However, when I go to do some things, I find out how wrong I am. 

Yesterday afternoon, I took a bottle of water out to give the plants on the doorstep a drink.  On my way back in, I fell on the step by my back door.  Thank goodness folks were home, and windows were open.  I called out and Joe came out to help me.  I'm okay, just some scrapes on the elbow, and a huge purple bruise on one leg.   I've been given orders not to go outside alone when no one is at home.  (by the dwarfs)   They threatened to call one of my girls if I did not listen.   Yeesh!

Last evening, I finished off the Key Lime lapghan, and now I need to go through my yarn to find a different color for the next one.   I'm thinking that I'd like to make a buff colored one, and of course a couple in different blue shades.   Hmmm, just a thought. 

Yesterday, while I was outside checking on the mail, I took this photo of Pogo sitting by his door.  This is where he is everything afternoon, watching and waiting for Joe to come home so that he can get his turkey treat. 

I'm noticing that the blanket is still rolled up by the bottom of the door.  I think I can remove it now.  I put it there in the Fall when it started getting cold, in order to prevent any possible drafts from getting on Pogo while he sits there. 

I also took a photo of the pansies.  Gosh, these are beautiful!!  As long as I remember to water them and pick a few blooms every couple of days, they just keep on blossoming.  (Don't laugh!  My green thumb turned brown many many moons ago!)   Having the plants on my doorstep is a good way to remind me that they need water.

I also have another photo of our calla lily plant.  It is just soooo pretty!   I'm thinking though, that it might be wanting to be planted outside soon.   I'll have to research this plant a bit more to see if it is ever just a house plant or if it definitely needs to be outside.  Gosh, isn't this pretty?

A couple of my favorite TV channels lately seem to be the shopping channels.  Since last evening, they've been featuring a lot of kitchen items.   Usually this is not my favorite type of product to be watching, but right now I'm having a grand time. 

I've been wanting to change over to induction cooking for some time now, so pretty soon I'll have my first burner.  Well, actually I'll have two of them.  I will ask SIL Eddie if he can make me a shelf cover to go over my stove top.  I'll use this as a counter top for my new burners.   I also ordered a beautiful new microwave cooking pot.  A few years ago, I found a wonderful covered cooking bowl for the microwave.  I love it!   However, I've not been able to find any more of them.  I just know that this new pot will soon be another favorite of mine.

I also ordered me a new little grinder (for pepper, etc.)  It's orange with white polka dots.  Oh boy! d I'm a nut for orange.  And I definitely love the polka dots!   Next on my list will be some new pans.  First I want to research which pans I can use.  There is a magnet coming with my new burners that I can use to test different pans. 

Folks, this is one of the downsides of being put on lots of rest.  The shopping is such fun, and so easy to do.   That's the catch word - "easy".   Ah, but I am a careful shopper.  Occasionally, I do lose out on a fabulous buy because I take too long to think about something, but usually I do very well.   Another thing I'm watching for is a pressure cooker.   There will be a new one featured on the one of the channels later today, so I'll be watching for it.

Well, there's really not much more happening here, so I think I'll go pick out a new yarn color for the next lapghan.   So, till tomorrow, Y'all be well, and have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Angelica Star said...

I did read your blog yesterday but didn't have time to sit and comment. The photos were so funny and the cake was not looking like a cake but very pretty. It had a baby in the box is what made it so cute. Pogo is looking so cute sitting there. I know you really enjoy that little boy. I wish I could reach in the computer and hug him myself. It's good you're getting better but watch the falling. You might get injured badly and that wouldn't be good for you nor Pogo. I has a kitchen equipped for catering. (lol) I told my son if something happen to me before him, keep family members out of my kitchen. They know what's there and most likely will be trying to snatch a few sets of cookware. (laughing) I've relaxed for a while on shopping for May. I need to figure out what open space that need a companion and buy something for it. (lol) I am thinking on more sheets and towels. I bought four comforter sets in January but the sheets are not the deep pocket. I bought a thicker Mattress set in February and my fitted sheets keep crawling up from under the mattress. Thinking about buying more deep pocket sheet sets to match the comforter set. Have a great day and stay safe.