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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I Had A Really Busy Day Yesterday

December 3, 2014

Good morning.  Well, we had a light dusting of snow last night, then it rained on and off through the night.  It has since stopped raining, but the weatherman promises more rain for later in the day.  I don't mind because I don't have to go out today.

I will have to make several trips to the Post Office this week to get most of my boxes out in the mail.  The only boxes that are not ready for mailing are the ones waiting for something that I ordered online.  I should know better than to watch the shopping channels this close to Christmas, because I always seem to find one more thing that I just have to have for someone.  Ah well, it's fun and Pogo keeps encouraging me.  (He's the only one around here to put the blame on!)

Yesterday, Joe made a platform for our "kitty (homeless shelter) house" on the porch.  Now the house won't be sitting on the cold wet ground.  I feel so much better about it now.  Later, I'll have to go out and take a photo of it. 

Either today or tomorrow, the heated birdie water bowl should arrive in the mail.  As soon as it gets here, Joe will make a stand to attach it to.  We're going to put it through the middle (on top of) the hedge outside my living room window.  There is an awning over that window, so the water bowl will be protected from the rain and most of the bad weather.

Most of yesterday afternoon was spent on the phone talking to different insurance sales agents.  The deadline for signing up with a new Medicare Advantage program is December 7.  I think I've decided which program I'm going to choose, but I still have a bit more checking to do and questions to ask.

The most important thing to look for is the prescription coverage and cost.  Two of my meds are quite costly.  The plan I currently have is the Humana/Walmart prescription plan.  The problem with it is that the first time I fill my meds,  (90 day amounts) I have to pay the deductible.  The second time I fill them, the insurance kicks in and helps out a bit.  Then I have reached my savings ceiling so that the next two refills cost me quite a lot.  Makes me wonder what the insurance actually does for me.

So, this year I want to try a different plan to see if things work out any better for me.  If not, there's always next year.  This government of ours certainly does not believe in making things easy for us oldies.

My next big project will be to start sorting through all the bills and receipts for this year and start preparing figures for next year's taxes.  (Well they are really this year's taxes.)  I like to have everything finished and ready for my accountant no later than the beginning of February.  This way, if I forget anything, I still have time to find missing items and have my taxes filed before I go to Florida.  This is a "YUCK YUCK" project.  But it must be done.

Today, I have a photo to share that Dwarf Helen took with her cell phone.  Our cats are learning to tolerate each other, and can actually stay in the same area without any of the hissing and spitting.  This is good.  Now if only I could get Pogo to try this.  He does not seem very interested in getting comfy with either cat.

Well,a few minutes ago, I took a pill for some spasms and it is beginning to kick in so I'll take my leave now.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

They are both beautiful cats and it's nice to see they are getting along. I'll bet it's just a matter of time before they invite Pogo to join them.

smiekeltje said...

It is true that sometimes we seem to get side-tracked real easy. In a way it sometimes is god, because you do things, you normally leave aside to be done"tomorrow"LOL!
Insurance programs are not funny.
We have basic program, which seem to be good enough for now, but everybody, with more ectended insurance or not has to pay a "own risk"amount. Till you reach the ceiling of it, you get bills for paying a percentage of the medicins you get from the drugstore.
Well, we are "chronicle"so we always pay the total amount. This own risk thing has gone up again this year, but they say that the costs of the insurance are going down. Hahahaha, it will not help because it will be only a few euro's.
It''s getting more and more difficult for people to pay it all.
It is cold here the last couple of days. This will hold on for another few days and then temps will go up again a bit.
Something is heading your way, because I was at the post office yesterday! Early hey?
I feel really good about it LOL!
Okay, tomorrow I will post again, yesterday I just didn;t feel up to it. No special reason, just had no inspiration for it.
Today will be a day for vacuum cleaning,dusting and perhaps a bit of ironing, want to have that done by Saturday, cause perhaps in the weekend we will start decoratin for Christmas. Lots of work, but oh, the result will give us a cosy feeling.
Have a fantastic day.