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Monday, September 8, 2014

I Hope All You Grandmas Had A Wonderful Day Yesterday

September 8, 2014

Good morning.  Gosh, it's almost noon.  Pogo woke me early this morning because he was hungry, so I got up and fed him and went back to bed for a few more hours.  In a way this was good because he ate half of the doggie food that I gave him.

I've been sitting here trying to think of what we might have done yesterday that was worth talking about.  To be honest, we really didn't do much of anything exciting.  Oh, I take that back.  I did spend a couple of hours cleaning out my refrigerator.  It takes me a while because I work slower than I use to. 

Unfortunately, in the process of tossing things out and setting others aside to keep, a whole baggie full of Pogo's turkey treats also got tossed into the garbage bag by mistake.  Oh dear, I have more of his turkey, but it is frozen and will take a while to thaw.  Thank goodness Joe had some treats for Pogo, so it all worked out okay.

Maybe today, I'll wash a load of scatter rugs.  That way I'll feel like I accomplished something for today.  It will take a while before it finally sinks in that it does not really matter if I accomplish anything or not.

One very bright spot yesterday was the phone call from my grandchildren wishing me a happy Grandparents Day.   Goodness, I did not even realize that it was my special day.   Hmmm, that would have been a great excuse for Pogo and me to head for a Burger King for lunch.  I have coupons, and I've been looking for excuses to use some of them.  haha.

I have some photos to share that I took a few days ago of a couple of small butterflies that were enjoying lunch on our butterfly bushes.  Today is Mandarin Orange Monday, so I'll also be posting them there.

Now I think I should get busy and rustle up some lunch for my little guy before I start the laundry.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Lmkazmierczak said...

Gorgeous butterfly shots...thanks for reminding me I need to go through my fridge♪

Debby said...

Pretty butterflies. Happy Grandparents Day. No call here, I don't think my kids even know. That's okay. HUGS

The Queen Jester said...

I didn't even realize it was Grandparents Day....missed that one.

Nani said...

Beautiful butterflies!

Eda, since you didn't even know it was grandparents day, why not just celebrate Grandparents Week and enjoy using your coupons today? Give yourself a day to celebrate for each grandchild, 2 for each of your greats. :)

Happy belated grandparents day!

Hugs, Nani

Edna B said...

That's a great idea, Nani!!!!!

Hugs, Edna B.

lorik said...

Butterflies on butterfly bushes:)! Sounds perfect. And they look lovely too. Funny, but we don't have Grandparents Day...not yet anyway...but your day coincided with our Fathers Day - so we got to share a meal with my grandson anyway:) - and his parents of course;) thanks for sharing your pics on MoM Edna:)