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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Today Is Going To Be Another Steamer!

July 23, 2014

Good morning.  It's early, but Pogo insisted I get up so that he could eat his breakfast.  So the good mama got up and got him some breakfast, which of course he only had one little bite and decided to go back to bed.  (Yup, it was dog food!  How dare I!!!)

I would love to hop back in for a few more winks, but first I want to get a few little things done before the heat sets in later this morning.  At the moment, it is 69 F degrees, but it is going up to 90 F degrees later this morning. 

Tomorrow, though, is supposed to be just fabulous at 71 F degrees.  I guess we can thank a cold front for coming through and bringing us the cooler temps, even if only for one day.  Anything strenuous I may have planned for today can wait until tomorrow. 

I have some photos of some of the ducks (and ducklings) at our park.  There were lots of new little ducks there including a few fuzzy babies.

There was one duck there that I thought was just ever so cute.  It would come closer to us (wanting some of the bread that we were tossing out) and turn it's head sideways as if to say "Could I have some, please?"

And while everyone was having fun tossing the bread out for all the ducks and geese, Pogo was having himself a grand time watching all the antics.

Do I ever let him out to walk around?  Yes, I do, but not when I am trying to take photos.  He is very quick, and it is difficult to keep one eye on him while trying to look through the camera.  I would take his play yard tent with us, but there is just sooooo much goose poop everywhere. 

Tomorrow I'll have more photos for you.  Today I'll share a funny story with you.  Well, some think it's funny.  For me, yesterday, it was not so funny.  Remember I posted yesterday that I was cooking supper early so that I would have more time to sit and enjoy my visit with my daughter in law?

Well, I did cook it.  And about two hours later I found out that it was only Tuesday, not Wednesday.  Janet comes over on Wednesdays.   I think by not working this past Sunday, my brains got a bit scrambled and I got somewhat confused about what day it was.  Well, all is not lost.  Once the food was cooled, I put it in the refrigerator and we'll have it tonight.

Anyway, I've been rambling on enough.  Now I think I'll take my coffee and watch the Weather Channel for a while.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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The Queen Jester said...

Cute photo of the duck standing pigeon toed -at least it is bird related.
It's finally cooled off here, so perhaps relief will come your way shortly.