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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'm Running A Wee Bit Late Today

July 22, 2014

Good afternoon.  Wow, did I sleep last night into this morning.  Well, except for the few hours I was awake during the night.  I settled in to watch  bit of TV a little before 8 p.m. last night, and awoke around midnight.  After that, I got a cold bottle of water and settled in to watch some TV and crochet for a few hours. 

Around 5 a.m. my little eyes closed and only woke at  8 a.m to feed Pogo, then not again till noon.  I think all the fresh air and tootling around yesterday plum wore me out.  But I must say, it was well worth it.

Around noon, Pogo and I did an errand, then went to the park to meet up with Deanne and all the kids.  We had a wonderful time there, feeding the ducks and geese.  Of course, I got me some new photos too.  When we left the park, we all went to Dairy Queen for some delicious ice cream.  Yum!

Once we got home, I took a few photos of the gardens, and then sat down to check some emails.  The phone rang, and it was a friend that I haven't seen in a couple of years.  She had recently celebrated her 78th birthday, and was thinking how nice that some of us were still here. 

Pogo and I popped back into the car and headed off to her house.  And she was definitely right.  It is nice to see that some of our circle are still here.  We had a super nice visit, and after about an hour an a half, Pogo and I made our way back home. 

Once I have a chance to go through the new photos and crop a few, I'll be able to share them here.  For now, I do have a photo that a friend sent that I thought would be nice to share with you.  The photo was taken by daughter Audrey's friend, Wanda.  Just recently, this is what Wanda found in her yard one morning when she came out of her house. 

Isn't this little one just darling?  I just hope his mommy remembered where she'd left him.  Or maybe he just wandered off.  Either way, I hope he was reunited with his family.  Wanda, thank you so much for sharing your photo.

Speaking of deer, the news lately has made me so mad!  Our Legislature is putting together a bill to make it legal to kill off some of our deer population.  They say that there are just too many deer, and they are becoming a real nuisance to the people who live in some towns and cities.

I am outraged because I believe we should get rid of some of the population that is crowding in and taking over the little bits of land that are set aside for the deer to live on.  I will stop here, because this can put me on a real rant, and it is too hot to start my ranting.  Maybe I'll save it for another day.

I do have a nice tip for you today.  This idea is for when you run out of places to garden, and you still want to plant more.  It is called a SHOE ORGANIZER HER GARDEN.  For materials you will need (a) cloth shoe organizer,  (b)potting soil or compost,  (c) rod, hooks or nails for hanging,and (d) herbs or plants of your choice.

Step 1 - Check the  drainage of the pouches by pouring in some water.  If there is not sufficient drainage in the fabric, poke a few small holes in the bottom of each pouch.

Step 2 - Fill the pouches with soil or compost, but leave about an inch between the top of the pouch and the soil.  Add the herbs, plants or seeds.  Now just watch them grow.

Step 3 - Optional - Make little name tags to attach to the front of the pouches with the name of the plant.

Here are a couple of photos to show you what this will look like when it is finished.

I do not have a shoe organizer, but I think I will buy one so that I can try this out.  The dwarfs do a lot of cooking, and this would be perfect for them.

Well, now it's time for me to get busy here and start some supper for tonight.  I like to get it out of the way early so that I can sit back and enjoy my visit with my daughter in law.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a most wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Debby said...

Such a sweetie. I would guess a newborn. Probably waiting on his mommy to return.
They do the kill in our little village. And they do it on the big hill where my kids live. Luckily they didn't see it. I think it is wrong as well. Way wrong.

Andrea Priebe said...

The deer are so beautiful and I don't know how you can look into those beautiful brown eyes and then shoot ... really??? We don't just mess with the habitate they need to live in, we mess with the balancing factors in nature. There are too many dear because we have driven off all of the predators that are big enough to control the deer populations the way they need to be culled. They need to remove the weak and the sick, which is how the predators do it, leaving the strong to carry on. Man has made such a mess of nature. We all say we love it, but most don't have a clue how to protect it. So there, I did the rant for you:)

How cool to meet with an old friend. Most of my old friends are all over the country and I rarely get the opportunity to visit. So you are lucky to have your friends close enough to hop in your car and toddle over. I bet she loved your Pogo, right?

I have spent my day alternating between weeding my gardens and trying to get caught up on some of the comments that I have not had time to do. I still don't have the time ... I don't know where the time goes, but I am forever behind. Well, you and Pogo enjoy what is left of your day (how I envy that you can sleep in ... I can't get back to sleep once I am awake). Hope you get some rain ... we are in need again ... had to water the last two days. The first time all summer. Be well, Edna ... love to Pogo!

Andrea @ From The Sol

Annesphamily said...

Hi Edna! I need to get a post up! I have been busy busy busy! Sounds like you have too! Love that deer! Oh do not get me started on the government! Argh.......One day not too long ago I picked my hubby up at the RTD station from his bus trip home from work. It looked like he was talking to someone and when he approached the car he said look at those two prairie dogs! They were squawing at him for coming too close and they sound off to alert their colonies! Next day they were both dead. Either the cold got to them which is odd or their colony was poisoned! I get so mad! I know they are not good for ranchers and farmers but my goodness why can't we have some open spaces anywhere anymore!? A few years ago some jerk wad tried to fight the railroad saying the train came too close to his house and they should move it! OK, the train has been running for at least one hundred years and you shoulda bought a house elsewhere not on their route! Furthermore the railroad carries coal and if you had elementary school science the moran would know that coal makes energy! DUH! Another moran was on the five o'clock news saying a prairie dog challenged her and her kid! Duh! You built your stupid house on top of their colony and they were not given a warning to move! Furthermore, have you seen a prairie dog(?) , I am stunned an idiot would go on the nightly news to complain about a little rodent! LOL! We have a large population of coyotes and they do challenge humans! But we keep moving into their territories. I wonder what God thinks! Than is who I answer to! Also people are braven challenging buffalo and moose here. Hello, when harassed they strike back! Several years ago someone dope let their kid climb in the bear pit at a local zoo! ALl the black girls I use to work with said to me, we don't want you to think we are prejudice but go home and watch the news! It won't be a black kid who jumped in a bear den! They are right so many yuppies or whatever they call themselves today let their children run rampant and do not make them mind and so when a kid thinks he can challenge a bear, hey why not? I could write a book! Remind me to jump on my soapbox about fracking too! Here these politicians want fracking! But none of it is within a million miles of where any of them live! Now about those deer....I am just stunned at our ignorance!

The Queen Jester said...

There's nothing sweeter than a newborn fawn.

I love the shoe organizer planter, wish I'd known about that back in my gardening days.