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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Belated Gorgeous Grandma Day!!

July 24, 2014

Good morning. The cooler air this morning feels oh so good.  It is supposed to stay in the 70's all day and drop down to around 69 tonight.  My kind of weather!

Did you know that yesterday was Gorgeous Grandma Day?  My daughter Deanne heard it on the radio, and emailed me a happy greeting.  So for all us beautiful grannies, I'm wishing us all a Happy Belated Gorgeous Grandma Day!!

I guess getting a head start on cooking supper isn't always a good thing.  Not only did I cook it a day early this week, but as I prepared for my visit with daughter in law yesterday I got a phone call.  Janet would not be coming this day either.  She fell and sprained her ankle, and had to go to the hospital, and then hone to bed for a couple of days. 

So, in a little while, Pogo and I will take a ride over to Janet's house to make sure she is okay, and have us a nice little visit.  And for sure, we'll be bringing her a nice big bowl of last night's supper!!

I have a couple of birdie photos taken from our kitchen window last evening.  We have a whole new crop of babies learning how to fly and feed themselves, and it is just wonderful watching them.

Well, that's it for this morning.  I have a couple of things to do before Pogo and I head out.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Oh I am so sorry for Janet. My daughter did the same thing three weeks ago and is just now starting to put weight on her foot. It isn't pleasaant, for sure. Hope she recovers soon.

We are having the same wonderful 70's here too. I am loveing it for now, but it is not normal this time of year so I am certain we will continue to see "not normal" right into the winter. Too bad we humans didn't see fit to listen to the warnings about climate change. Now we are going to start paying the price ... and some are still not listening. Sad, sad!

Today I have an appointment with a Podiatrist ... hopefully she will fix my feet up so I can feel good while climbing in the Alps. It's the old age corns and calluses ... just another part of the golden years, bah humbug!

I was planning to cut my grass this afternoon, but Spring Green came by and put another treatment on it so now I have to wait. I can't do it tomorrow because I have plans with my friend, so it will be Saturday afternoon before I can get to it. If it stays cool, the grass may not grow so much. We haven't had rain all week and that has been the culprit up till now.

I like the sound of "Gorgeous Grandmas" ... I am glad somebody thinks so. I know for you, you look great and I like to think that I am not as bad as I could be. My FH seems to think I do pretty well and that is the one who has to live with me, so that is a good thing, right? So Happy Belated Gorgeous Grandma Day right back at you! Now I have to hop in the shower and get my feet clean for my doctors appointment. You have a beautiful day with Janet and enjoy the 70's ... both weather and ... well, you know:)

Andrea @ From The Sol

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning Edna!
Been pretty hectic around here and with "cousin arthur" visiting my hands and wrists.....been trying to stay off my computer....LOL!
It so horrible hot and humid here, today is supposed to be 103-106 with the heat index and not drop below 80 at night time and bad ozone day too! Needless to say, been staying inside...and trying to stay cool too! Tomorrow to be hotter than today and no relief inside until mid week of next week. July in Texas!!
Just loved catching up on your blogs and oh the photos are so terrific...I love the birds too, I have finches, blue jays, cardinals, doves and mockingbirds that visit my watching them. So do the cats from the window seats...LOL!
Well, must get my buns busy and get some things accomplished in here, dust bunnies are beginning to take over. You and Pogo have a fabulous weekend...btw, glad you are cutting working time and the afghans are simply gorgeous. Chat more later! Hugs, Mat

Debby said...

Happy Grandma Day. I knew their was Grandparents Day but not Grandma. But isn't everyday a holiday when you are blessed with grandchildren.
Sorry about your daughter. Ouch that is so painful. She will have to be careful for awhile.
Pretty birds.