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Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Gorgeous First Day Of June

June 01, 2014

Good morning.  My goodness, it is already a new month.  June is here, and with it a beautiful sunny warm day.  Yesterday's rain fizzled out and we were left with a fabulous sunny day.  Definitely a great weekend to have off.   Here's my June calendar page.

Yesterday SIL Eddie came by to check on a couple of things that need to be fixed in the house, then we visited for a while.  When he left, Pogo and Joe and I went shopping to buy a weed whacker.  We also bought two new American flags to hang over our outside entrances.  These new flagpoles have a gadget on them to keep the flag from getting tangled. 

On our way home from the store, we stopped at a small flea market.  We didn't buy anything, but it was fun to be out walking around for a while.  Every so often we would stop and talk to folks who were enchanted by Mr. Pogo.  He definitely has a winning way about him.

At one point, a family stopped us so that they could pat Pogo.  One of the children wanted to pet Pogo but was afraid of getting bit.  I said "It's okay, Pogo doesn't bite, and he has no teeth."  An elderly gentleman in the back of the group spoke up and said "Neither do I."   We all had a good laugh.

After supper, Pogo and I curled up in the lounge chair to watch a bit of TV, and I could crochet for a while.  All in all, this was a very good day.  A friend sent this adorable cartoon to me, and I just had to share it.  This happens to me all the time now. 

I also have a couple of cute animal pictures (from the web) that were sent to me.  These should definitely put a smile on your face.

Today we are going to spend some time relaxing out in the yard.  Joe brought out all the lawn furniture, and the yard is looking really nice.  I may even set up Pogo's  play tent and let him play in it for a while. 

That's my news for today.  Now it's time to get started on this gorgeous new first day of June.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a really fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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