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Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Is Quietly Slipping By

May 23, 2014

Good morning.  Has anyone noticed that the month of May is slipping away quietly?  Another week, and it will be June.  Ever notice how the months November through March seem to drag on?  But then along comes May, and the months start slipping away quickly and quietly until the cold season comes around again.

In a few days, it will be a new month, and in just a few weeks, the first half of the year will have gone by.  Goodness, it doesn't seem possible.  It's kind of sad to see Spring leaving soon because it took so long to get here.  However, in a few weeks, Summer will begin.  Here's hoping that the summer weather is good to all of us.

Today it is cloudy here in New England with spots of rain expected.  Once the laundry is done, it should be a great day to curl up with my little dog and some yarn and a crochet hook.  Later this afternoon I'll take Joe to do some food shopping. 

Yesterday I went for my stress tests, however once I got there, the doctor decided to put them off until next Fall.  I have an outbreak of eczema on my midriff, and have to keep medicine on it.  The tests would have just made the eczema worse.  I only have this problem when the warm temps set in, then it clears up in the Fall when the temps are much cooler.  So I shall go back in the Fall to try again.

When I got home from the doctor visit, I found a large box waiting for me.  Yup!  My new red, white and blue yarn had arrived.  I could not wait to start using it right after supper.  However, for some reason the red yarn is so thick that it is not working up nice.  I only did a few rows with it, then stopped. 

This afternoon, I will see if Walmart has any of this red yarn, and hopefully it will not be so thick.  I have to tell you that the colors themselves are just beautiful, and I can't wait to actually get working on this new afghan.

Today I have some images from the web to share with you.  This first picture is quite interesting.  For those of use who use yarn in your crafts, this is a great way to use some of our scraps.  Hang a bird treat holder, and fill it with scraps of yarn for the birds to use for building their nests.  You can also tuck in bits of fluff  (lint) from the clothes dryer vent screen.  The birds will really appreciate this.

The next image shows such wonderful whimsy and creativity.  It's such a fun way to liven up a meal or a party.  It's called "Dolphin Fruit Art".

These last two images really touched my heart, and need no explanations. 

Well, that's all my news for this morning.  Now it's time to pay a few bills and get them into the mailbox.  I want to enjoy the rest of today.  Tomorrow it's back to work again.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

No stress test AND a new box of are having a very good day indeed!

I love the sculpture of the hand cradling the tree, this is my favorite kind of art work.

smiekeltje said...

Okay, in fall you'll have to go back, but for now you didn;t have to do the stress test, so pretty nice news.
Great pictures from the net. Lovely idea for the scraps of yarn and love the banana dolphins!
Pity the red yarn doens't work well, sometimes that happensmay be you can use it for something else?
You are right to take it a bit easy, cause next day is working day again.
Take care, have a lovely day.

Nani said...

I love the grape-banana dolphins! I'll have to put that idea away for if there are ever grandnieces or grandnephews!

May has seemed to be slipping away quickly. (And the way the Reds and Red Sox have been doing this month, we need the month to be a little longer so they can get it out of their systems before June!) Yanno May lasted longer n 2006. I was doing a small gift a day for the 40 days before David turned 40. Maybe I need to do something like that to slow things down again.:)

Hugs, Nani
(If I leave comments on all the posts I'm catching up it means more hugs!) :D