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Friday, May 16, 2014

Monsoon Season Is Beginning

May 16, 2014

Good morning.  The sun has been shining all morning so far, but the clouds are moving in.  We will be expecting rain on and off today, then all through the night.  I think this is the beginning of our monsoon, although the weather man says we will get a nice day in the middle of all the rainy days. 

I think Mr. Pogo has caught a bug or a cold.  He hasn't been eating very good these past few days, and yesterday the "squirts" caught him by surprise.   Last evening, I got a roasted chicken for his supper, and he wouldn't even eat any of it.  If this keeps up, I'll call his doctor on Monday and see if I should bring him in for a check up. 

Kyra asks that I post a photo of the new yarns, so later today I'll take a few photos.  If I can finish getting the new planters filled, I'll take photos of them too. 

This morning I have a really pretty photo of the top of our cherry blossom tree, along with a couple of cute little garden critters.

It's time to stock up on "Raid".  It's the time of year when the ants are beginning to invade my space again.  I should also pick up a lot of inexpensive coffee grounds to spread along the outside of the foundation of the house.  Dwarf Helen tells me that ants do not like the coffee and will not cross it to come in.  I don't like bugs, so I'll try anything

Today I must do some laundry.  I also have a couple of scatter rugs in need of a washing too.  Maybe I'll wash Pogo's little blankets too just in case there are some of his "cold" germs in them.

Do you ever read the "Word Power" column in the Readers Digest Magazine?  It's really quite interesting.  Do you know what these words mean?

Planchette -- (a) sorcerer's cloak  (b) Ouija board pointer  (c)mischievous fairy
Whammy  -- (a) trapdoor  (b) illusion  (c) hex or curse
Sibyl         -- (a) seance  (b) fortune teller  (c) black cat 

Now it's time for me to get dressed and get a few things done around here.  The wash won't get started by itself.  (unfortunately)  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.

ANSWERS TO WORDS:  Planchette - B,  Whammy - C,  Sibyl - B.


Anonymous said...

edna, Hope Pogo has a speedy recovery. I love your garden critters. . . .where did you find them???
Thanks, Donna

Edna B said...

Donna, I found the cute critters at "Five Below". Pogo actually ate some chicken this afternoon. So hopefully, this means he is on the road to recovery. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Andrea Priebe said...

Rain, bugs, Raid ... what is it we like about Spring? Oh my, how we tend to focus on the good things and then those nasty critters and that endless rain sneaks up on us. We are actually having a decent day. It was very dark and cloudy ealier, but now the sun is out and the sky is blue ... takes my mind off the 40 degree weather.

Sorry about little Pogo ... not eating? Is his potty normal? Does he seem listless ... I think you need to take him in just to make sure he is okay. There are so many bugs out there that he could have caught. Izzi sends him her best wishes ... please get well our little friend.

I ran some errands this morning with my friend and then when I got home I mowed the lawn quickly because I was sure it was going to rain ... but it didn't. The good news is, the lawn is done so I don't have to think about that for a few days.

I am going to shower and waswh my hair in a few minutes and then do my nails. Izzi has class in the morning and then we will be leaving right away for my Granddaughter's graduation ... I won't have time to do anything but change into my nicer things. Hope your little boy starts feeling better ... I will be thinking about him all weekend. See you on Sunday, right?

Adnrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

Your yard critters are cute! Ants do good things for us in the garden, but we don;t want them in the house May be the coffeee stuff will really help.
Worth a try.
Poor Pogo, it may have to do with the rather quick weather changes, or perhaps he just catched a cold while he was in the car, having fun looking out of the open window, but the wind gave him a little cold?
Good to hear he already ate something again, but keep an eye on him. Hope he soon will be feeling better again.
The cherry tree is so lovely when it blooms!
Have a wonderful weekend( are you "visiting"the Mrs again??? Cross fingers she will be in a good mood this time LOL).

Angelica Star said...

Try the ortho fire ant killer. It kills all bugs too. Roaches, etc. If you can, border your fence or your home. Keep pogo away from it until the powder fade away. The residue keep killing for years to come. The smell is bad for a few weeks and if it get wet it smells terrible. Who cares as long as all the pest are gone. (lol)

Edna B said...

Thanks Angelica. I'll give it a try. I really don't like bugs, except for lady bugs. I'll take dust bunnies any day over bugs. lol. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.