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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tis A Lovely Spring Day In New England

April 2, 2014

Good afternoon.  It's not sunny today, but it is still quite lovely outside.  Pogo and I have just come back from the Post Office.  I had a bill that had to go out today, but I missed the mail lady.  However, it was a great excuse for us to go for a short ride. 

Pogo gets so excited when he is going for a ride in the car, and before we get going he has to do his little "happy dance".  My little guy is so full of joy and a love for life.  He has a magical way of chasing away any blues that may come along. 

Let me send Birthday wishes to my DIL and stepson.  Their birthdays were this past weekend, but I will celebrate later today when Janet comes by.  So, Happy Birthday to Janet and Scott.  I wish you both many years of love and happiness.

Yesterday, I went to a local craft store to check out their yarn supply.  I did find one really gorgeous yarn, and bought a few for a future project.  The colors in it are white, yellow, orange, green and deep fuschia.  Simply beautiful!

Last night, I did not work very much on the pink crochet project. For some reason, I was tired, and fell asleep quite early.  Unfortunately that means that I was in the kitchen at 4 a.m. making breakfast for myself and Pogo.  I read a few emails and a couple of blogs and went back to bed and slept till almost 11 a.m.

This morning I have a rather amusing image to share with you.  I found it on the web, and have no idea who took the photo but I thought it was worth sharing.  I don't know which market this item was in but it wouldn't surprise me if it were at a Walmart.

I can't imagine bananas with bones in them, can you?  But then, the older I get, the less I seem to get around.  Who knows?  Maybe they've somehow come up with a new kind of banana?

 While I was out this morning, I stopped by a Walgreen's and picked up the latest copy of the Enquirer.  The headline on the front page was quite intriguing.  "Obama's divorce battle turns ugly.  Michelle storms out."  Hmmmmm, this I gotta read!

It's almost time for me to start the meat sauce for tonight's supper.  We're having pasta.  Yummmm!  So, on that note, I'll take my leave.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea Priebe said...

I eat boneless banana's all of the time ... someone has a great sense of humor. I do believe that is a Piggly Wiggly Store based on the picture in the sign.

Happy Birthday to Janet and Scott from Izzi and me ... I love other peoples birthdays and I love spaghetti. It's too bad you don't live closer, I would drop over for some of that good sauce.

I hope you buy the Enquirer for a few laughs ... it rarely has an ounce of truth in it. I find it discouraging that publishers think it is okay to print things like that even knowing they aren't true ... but that is the times we live in. There is no value in truth any more ... people just say what that need to say to get what they want. Sad, Sad ...

My kitty is in getting a tooth pulled this morning. He is diabetic so he has more health issues than most. I feel bad for him because he is such a good boy. I will go pick him up this afternoon and he will be sore for a few days but then ... no more toothache, which is a good thing.

Izzi has her first trial this weekend. She is going into it a bit on the heavy side ... I am guessing that will slow her down, but the exercise is just what she (we) needs. I have more cleaning and throwing away to do. I am proud that we are actually making some good headway with all of these projects ... but there is still much to do. Glad you were able to catch up on some of your sleep. The rest of the week you should have lots of energy until you have to go back to work. Enjoy the improving weather, Edna ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

How odd....I had boneless buffalo wings today. Perhaps I should have had some boneless bananas with them. Very cute sign - probably increased the sale of bananas.

smiekeltje said...

It's obvious Pogo loves to go out ! He is a really cute guy and I can imagine he brings a smile to your face with his "happy dance".
Oh you bought yourself yarn! What will be your next project?
I almost finished the second part of the throw over, yeah!
Now today I can pick out a new pattern for the third one.

Oh, send a happy birthday wish to Janet and to Scott!

Hmmm, pasta! Might be I will have it this evening. I still have some meat left from yesterday;s dinner, but it will be just enough for Jan. But I don;t mind, I like pasta!(it will be spaghetti).

Enjoy your day after that good sleep you had after all. Now if the weather behaves a bit, perhaps you can take a little ride to somewhere and shoot some pictures.

Kathy said...

I love going into a store and buying new yarn. Even if I don't have anything to use it for at the moment.

The boneless banana picture was so funny. I have to share this with my brother. He loves things like that.