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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

April 9, 2014

Good morning.  It looks just gorgeous outside my window.  This morning after I have finished this post, Pogo and I are going shopping at the Garden Center.  Oh what wonderful delicious fun we are going to have!!  The best part is that we can take our time and see everything. 

When we get home, I will go on line and order Pogo's new stroller.  Yesterday I did a bit of research to see what is available and I've just about made up my mind which one to buy.  These strollers are a blessing, not just for the doggies but for us as well.  They allow us both to get to more places together.

Last night I put a few more rows on my newest afghan.  I will have to take a photo later to share.  Maybe another week or two will finally see it finished.  Except for the side edges of course.  I haven't decided yet how I will hide all the yarn ends.  I suppose fringes or an all around edging will take care of them.

Today, I have a photo to share that my friend Su sent to me.  These are gorgeous Ti plants.  I don't think I've ever seen any quite this large.  They are just beautiful.  Thanks, Su.

Here's a fun item I found on the web.  It's a great decorating idea for small bathrooms.  Such a creative way to use a wine bottle holder.  I suppose you could put magazines on it too?

Well, I'm not going to chat a lot this morning.  I'm quite anxious to get outdoors and soak up some of that sunshine.  As soon as I pick up Pogo's harness and leash, he is  going to need about five minutes to do his happy dance.  My little fellow just loves to go places. 

I do hope that the weather is just as nice in your area as it is is here.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

There are so many options out there for strollers. I finally sold the one I bought for George and Gracie, they never did fall in love with it. Oh well, I tried.
I love anything that is used for other than its intended purchase, so the towels in a wine bottle rack tickled me.

Debby said...

I had to take my kids puppy with me today to pick up my grandson (7) from Lacrosse practice. I was so scared not knowing what he would do. I had a couple coats on the passenger seat. He laid down and went to sleep. We were only in the car for about 10 minutes. Yeah, he did okay. He's so cute.....about 2 1/2 months now.

smiekeltje said...

Fun idea for the use of a wine bottle holder!
Lovely that you will go to the garden centre, hope you will find some great stuff for your garden.
Have a wonderful day with Pogo.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning! My goodness, I finally caught up with your blog, what gorgeous photos you have shared. I am hoping you and Pogo have a marvelous time at the Garden Center. I haven't started any gardening yet as I am taking a small trip for Easter and didn't want to leave my young plants unguarded or unattended to, so I will do mine when I return.
I am so excited about the little excursion, but just know I am hating to leave all my fur babies, but I am leaving them in good hands. I surely will miss their loving each day and night though! LOL! It is amazing how attached we become to our fur babies, right?
Well, got some more chores to finish, so will cut this short today, chat more later. Have a fabulous weekend ahead. Hugs, Mat