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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

April 20, 2014

Good morning.  Day is breaking here in New England, and it's a bit chilly outside.   Hopefully, the Easter Bunny has had his long woolies on all night while delivering eggs.  I'm at work now, but I know that when I get home, I'll find a big basket of eggs waiting for me to put out for the dwarfs.  I know the Bunny has a very busy night, so I told him to just leave the eggs and I would do the rest.

Do I have any good news to share this morning?  Oh yes, I surely do.  The Koolaid Kid was in the newspaper this past Friday.  (That's grandson Kevin.)   Here's a fabulous shot of him (#6) sliding into home plate.  And another photo of his team mates giving him a high five!  And yes, his team won this game.

I also had a surprise visit from my SIL Edie and her hubby.  Gosh, it was so good to see her up and about.  She's been battling the big C for so very long.  I hope this time it is finally gone and it stays away.   While she was here, I showed her the pink afghan that I've been working on, and she just loved it.  Little does she know!

That night, I put the last rows on the afghan, and finished off all the ends.  I put it in a box and covered it with tissue.  Now I just have to write a little note to put with it, and I'll mail it off tomorrow.   It will be like a big hug from Pogo and me on those days when she is feeling a bit down.

Yesterday I took a photo of some of my daffodils that are blooming.  They are not all standing quite so tall after being covered with snow and ice, but at least they are blooming and they are quite beautiful.

I've been working on the green afghan and it's looking quite lovely.  Hopefully, I can get this one finished in the next few weeks so that I can start a new project.  Kyra has sent me some more links to websites that offer free knit and crochet patterns, and there are some gorgeous ones that I might like to try.

Last night I thought I might get caught up on some of my emails, and wowee!!  My email program had 2001 emails ready to drop into my inbox.  It took me over half an hour to get them all and delete them.  They were duplicates of ones that I had already read and deleted, and some that I never got at all.  Somethng is messed  up somewhere!

Two of the dwarfs have changed their plans and are staying home today, so dwarf Helen and I will stay home and we'll all have a big dinner together.  Ham and potatoes and veggies!  Yum Yum!   Hopefully I can squeeze in a nap today so that I can come back here tonight all perky.  The Mrs was in a pretty good mood last night.  Here's hoping it lasts for tonight too.

Well, that's my news for this morning.  Don't eat too many eggs!  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous Easter Sunday.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

That is an amazing photo of him sliding into base as the ball is being thrown - it's hard to catch that kind of action.
The afghan is so pretty and uplifting, I just know she'll love it and the warm hugs from you and Pogo that it conveys.
I'm itching for warm weather again. We've only had to endure the cold for a short period of time and already it seems too much. I guess I have really become a southerner...can't take the cold at all anymore. Have a nice Easter.

Nani said...

Those pictures of Kevin from the paper are great!

The afghan is gorgeous! What an awesome gift; and you know she’ll love it! :D

By the way, the colors in yesterday's blog, afghan and tulips, are just gorgeous! The orange tulips are bulbs I should look for this fall!

Your daffodils look great! David says a lot of mine came back after the snow but I’ve been a smidge under the weather today so I haven’t been out to look. We get a sunny 70 degree day and all I want to do is nap. (Trees tend to torture me on occasion in the spring, but I’ll accept a little allergy action for 70 degrees!) We’re supposed to have just as warm and some sun tomorrow before the rain tomorrow night, so I’ll get out tomorrow with the camera.

Now I think I’m going to make some tea and let myself take another nap.

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Hoorray for Kevin and his team!!
Of course you are proud of him.
Oh Edna, your afghan looks wonderful!!!
It is such a happy color, and that zigzag stich looks pretty.
Sometimes a day has some nice surprises, like the visit of Edie.
Easter day will be happy with the dwarfs all together gathering for dinner.
And dinner sounds yummie too!
Now just hoping that the Mrs, still wil have a good mood, makes the shift a lot easier.
Have fun looking for a great afghan on those sites!

Debby said...

Those great pictures of your grandson. At first I thought he was in the major leagues. He probably will be in the future.
I hope that you have a great (had) Easter. xo