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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pogo Is Feeling Much Better Today

March 6, 2014

Good morning.  It's only 2:30 a.m. and I'm awake so I thought I would type my post now.  Then maybe I'll be tired enough to fall back to sleep.  We had a busy day yesterday learning how to use our cell phones.  Audrey has been teaching Wanda and me about all the fun things we can do with our phones. 

Up to now, I hve only making and receiving calls with my phone.  Now I've learned a few things about using the camera on it, and I can check my blog on it.   I'm learning how to use the voice mail, and I may even put a couple of games on my phone. 

We did not get the rain that we were expecting, but we may get some thunder showers today.  I can't complain because the temperatures here have been awesome.   High 70's and low 80's for the days, and just a bit cooler for the nights.  Perfect!

Pogo must be feeling a bit better now because he's starting to be his perky self again.   He has been winning over Wanda's heart.  (He's quite the little flirt!)  Check out this adorable photo.  Hmmm, I wonder what he's telling her.

Late afternoon, we went to Old Town so that the girls could explore the Minerals & Rock Shop.  This is such a fun and interesting little store filled with all sorts of wonderful goodies.  The mineral rocks are so beautiful, and it takes a while to pick out just the right ones.  Here, Audrey and Wanda are having a grand time picking out some of their favorites. 

As you can, the girls are quite happy with their purchases.  Next we walked around and peeked into a few other little shops.   At the General Store there were a couple of very old trucks on display; a beer truck and a pickup truck.

After this, it was time to head back to the condo.  My ankles were getting quite swollen and I needed to get off my feet.  This swelling doesn't usually last more than a week or two, and only happens once a year or less.  So for that, I'm thankful.  (Although it could have waited another week or two to start up!)
While typing, I have polished off a cup of peach ice cream.  Oh yum yum!!  Earlier, after supper, I enjoyed some very tasty pie made from lemon pudding and ??? and a graham cracker crust.  Audrey hasn't shared the recipe with us yet, but oh my that pie is delicious!!
Later this morning, we are hoping to head out to a couple of local ponds to find some water birds to photograph.  I've seen a few so far, but not when I've been in a position to take any photos.  The girls have been taking some great photos of the local flowers and small birds, and I'll be sharing some of those photos over the next few days.
Now I'm going back to bed and try to get a few more winks before the girls wake up.  So till tomorrow, Y'all stay warm and have a fabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Anonymous said...

The mystery ingredient could be cool whip. I make a pie in graham cracker crust that is made with pistachio pudding mixed with cool whip.......yummy. It now occurs to me you could probably use any flavor pudding --- chocolate, banana


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Oh my, what fun I've had reading and catching up. so sorry I have been remiss, but with the weather, the taxing of the electricity and all, I have be taking a computer break. Now my sister is in hospital with pneumonia and a friend I went with yesterday for a routine colonoscopy wound up transported to ER and then admitted with a bleeding spleen that got "bumped" during the procedure. Just been a rough week for me and my routine visits with my friends' blogs. So happy you are enjoying the balmy Florida weather and the visit with your daughter. So glad Pogo is okay from his "headache" (poor darling). Thanks for taking time to visit while on vacation. Enjoy it to the max. Awesome photos too as usual. Well, off to play catch up. Hugs, to both of you! :)

The Queen Jester said...

Our internet is awful and I'm just now trying to catch up on several days worth of is so slow!
When you mentioned Old Town I had to wonder where you were. We are in Homosassa now but head to Old Town on Saturday. Did you actually mean the city of Old Town? If so, we're headed your way.

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Stay warm? You gest I assume ... you are the only one among us who is staying warm. We have to work by putting on fifty layers of cloths to stay warm up here. UGH, Ugh ... UGH!!!

Do I sound jealous ... well, I have to admit, I am, but in a good way. So glad you are having so much fun and I think it is great that you have the girls with you ... you seem to be getting out and about more with them. I am looking forward to your pictures. There are so many great birds to see in Florida.

Maybe your swelling is related to the water you are drinking ... have you tried switiching to bottled water? The salt content in some whater can cause swelling. I hate it that you are having this problem when you should be just relaxing and enjoying ... though you are obviously doing that anyway.

Today should be my last day of cat sitting and I am just staying home and relaxing. Tomorrow I am supposed to go out with a friend, but the weather says, "freezing rain" and I am not big on driving in "freezing rain". Just plain rain I can tolerate ... but freezing rain says ice on the roads to me. Not a good thing. Well, I am headed down to get cleaned up and into something comfortable for my lazy day. You keep having a great time Edna...

Andrea @ From the Sol

Nani said...

I’m so glad you arrived safely! I’m catching up because I’ve been gone for a few days, not anything nearly as wonderful as temperatures in the 80s. David thought it was a great idea get me out of the house because I hadn’t been out to get good snow photos. There’s snow in Maryland too and I’ve got photos to prove that Maryland is just as “cheery” as Toledo to look at. Oh it was better than that. It was pretty but I still enjoy the warmth of Florida through your posts are little more!

The photo you posted Wednesday Wanda and Audrey is just beautiful! The love of friendship just shines in that shot.

Oh poor Pogo!!! I’m so glad he’s feeling better now but you’re right; his sleepy, not himself picture was so sad. So did he learn not to jump through glass doors or did he train you not leave him on both porch? ;-)

You three look like you’re having lots of fun – keep it up; I'm feeling warmer and happier every day through your posts!! :-)

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Another great day you had. LOL, Audrey is making the most of it to teach you how to use much smarter your phone. She must be a wizzard or so, to know it all so well. I could do with her knowledge, as Jan too ROFL.
Sorry you have trouble with the swelling.
Yes, it could have waited a bit. But it doesn;t hold you back on having fun with the girls and go out a lot.
Great Pogo is "himself"again. Hopefully he will remember the glass door and will not try it again.
Hey girl, don;t miss too much sleep! You need your energy during the day. Lovely that Audrey is cooking such delicious things. She isn;t only a "rummage"girl, but also a wonder woman LOL!
Have lots of fun you all/