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Monday, February 10, 2014

Good Deeds Are Good For The Soul

February 10, 2014

Good morning.  Goodness!  The overnight dusting of snow is actually a couple of inches of new white stuff covering everything in sight.   As for the wonderful mini heat wave we were expecting later in the week, well it has been downgraded by several degrees.  It is no longer a mini heat wave.  I just knew it was too good to be true.

I have a wonderful story to share.  It seems that Thursday night, SIL Mac was on his way home and came across a stranded young serviceman whose truck had broken down.  They called for a tow truck and Mac took the young man home with him.  He and Audrey invited him to dinner and to stay with them until the truck could be repaired.

This young man had just re-upped for another tour, and was on a thirty day leave.  He was heading home to Texas before going on to his next assignment.  It took a couple of days to get the truck repaired, and finally this fine young man was back on the road and heading homeward.  He has quite a journey ahead of him, and I wish him much good luck and God speed.

This is just one more reason why I am so proud of my children.  They do me right proud.  One of the perks of these elder years is that we can brag all we want with a huge smile on our face.  Funny, when I graduated High School, it was written in my yearbook that I was known for always having a smile on my face.  Except for the extra wrinkles on my face, smiling is good.

Last night, I got to watch a few hours of the Olympic games.  I saw some of the skiing, snow boarding and dancing.  These young folks are just awesome!!  It was all enjoyable to watch, but my favorite is the figure skating and dancing.  I could watch the dancing all night long.  It is so graceful and beautiful.

As a teenager, I gave ice skating a try.  Alas, the best I was able to accomplish while still in an upright position was one lonely figure eight.  I'm not sure how I managed to do that, but at least I was proud of myself for a few minutes.  Most of my time on ice skates was spent on my rear on the ice.  Thank goodness for the pillow I finally tied on to my backside. 

It must be the "one blade" thing with me.  I did just wonderful on roller skates.  My best friend and I practically lived at the roller skating rink.  It's the same now with a bicycle.  Two wheels is just not for me.  Three wheels is more my speed.  One of these days, I'm hoping to get me one of those grown up lady tricycles, with a basket on the front for Pogo to ride in.

Enough babble.  Here's the last of my Junco photos from last week. 

I dug out a photo from last Spring to share and maybe brighten up your day a bit.  Daffodils and Jonquils are simply gorgeous and always such a happy addition to the garden.

Well that's all my news for this morning.  I've had a pot of corn chowder cooking on the stove, and it should be done now.  Mmmm, this is going to taste ever so good at lunch time.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

What a wonderful thing your kids did for this stranded's obvious they were raised right.

smiekeltje said...

A wonderful action of your kids to take the young man home and have him stay with them till he could go on with his journey!
You are right to be proud of them.
And yes, doing things like that makes one feel good too.
I rememeber years ago, it was probably on a friday evening, I was ready with work and went through city centre to our pub to meet Jan and some friends. On the way I heard a guy playing on the street Russian music on a guitar, and he sang too. I stopped for a couple of minutes and he was not bad at all!
So I thanked him for his music and got into conversation with him. Well, he had for the moment no place to stay and weather wasn;t too good, so I invited him to go with me to the pub, where he might sing a bit and earn some money. So we did, he was grateful for it and it was a nice Russian( and rather handsome too LOL). Then I talked to Jan and we tookhim home and gave him a place to sleep and breakfast I think he stayed for two or three days. Then he could move on because he had friends in another town who could take him in.
For a long time he still phoned us once in a while, to tell us how he was doing. He even got married a bit later, but he always was grateful for our action.
Jan first was a bit suspicious, to take in a complete stranger,but I had a good feeling about this guy, and I was right.
So we were at the start of a new and better life for him, and yes, it felt good.
Okay, long comment today, but this memory came up after reading your post.
Bummers! Still snow at our parts. It's time it disappears soon now!
Have a wonderful day.