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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Windows Are Done For Now

October 30, 2013

Good morning.  Well, it's almost 6 a.m. and I've already had my breakfast.  Sleep is trying to sneak away again, but I bought some Melatonin and tried it last night.  I will say that it helped me to get a four hour span of sleep which did feel good.  Thank you Andrea for putting me on that track.

Yesterday was a long busy day, but the last five windows were installed and they look really nice.  The installer was very nice and took down all the curtains so that I could wash them while he put the new windows in.  When he was done with his work, one of the dwarfs had just come home from work and hung the clean curtains back up for me. 

I took a couple of photos of before and after, but with the curtains hanging in the windows.  However, you can see the big difference.  We can see good out these new windows and there is so much more light coming through now.  Also, when the warm weather comes back, we will be able to open the windows and enjoy some breezes.  All of the the old windows did not open.  The first shot is the before, and the second shot is the after.

This is a shot of the new windows from outside.  Both sides of the front entrance have these bowed sections with four long thin windows, and the den also has the extra large window. 

I also have some photos from Monday of Pogo and the lady dwarf whose room was being outfitted with new windows.  If nothing else, we got to enjoy chatting a good part of the day and Pogo got to play with his lady friend.  He just loves women!  It's fair to say that our lady dwarf also got to have a relaxing day off at home.  You can see her here playing with photos on her cell phone.  She showed me how the photo program on her phone worked.  Interesting!  (The first photo is Pogo watching something on the TV.

And lastly, here's a photo that our lady dwarf took of her and Pogo a couple of nights ago with her cell phone.  Can you tell how everyone here enjoys my little guy?  (Yes, I got permission to post these photos.)

Last night, I took a count of all the windows on the house.  Wow, there are 39 if them.  I've already  replaced nineteen of them, and only have twenty more to go.  Phew!  (This does not count the windows on the side porch, which of course is all windows.)

Also yesterday, my packages started being delivered by the UPS man and the mail carrier.  After ordering and paying for the stuff, this is the fun part of holiday shopping.  Who knows, I just might get my mailing boxes finished early this year.  That's my goal every year.  Sometimes I make it, other times I don't. 

Now I can't wait to see what the mail brings today.  Well, it's time for me to get dressed and start in on this new day.  I've been so busy lately that I don't even have my Halloween card made.  Maybe today I can accomplish this.  We'll see.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a beautiful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Those windows are looking nice and the breeze next spring will be enjoyable. I'll bet they help cut the cost of heating and cooling as well since the new windows are so much more efficient in their insulation.
You have a good day and keep sleeping well at night.

Andrea said...

Beautiful windows ... I'm guessing your Lady Dwarf is very happy with the brighter, airier look in her room. You do accomplish quite a lot, my dear and even have a start on your Christmas. I will follow your example and I have started by not having my Halloween picture done either ... oh my:(

Today is haircut day which means I have to clean, clean the kitchen before Julie gets here. It's good that she comes here because it forces me to do some deep cleaning which I would ordinarily avoid. I also have to take my daughter to the doctor this afternoon ... so there goes another day. It's no wonder I can never get anything done.

It is supposed to rain for the next two days here. Thes morning there was so much fog that it had made its way all the way out to the street. Izzi and I had fun feeling our way out to her favorite Poopy spot. It is starting to burn off now, but then it will be followed by the rain, so there will be no outside work for awhile. We still have bushes to trim on the hill and we need to move our swing into the garage for the winter. My son is on his way to Thailand this morning so we won't have any help with the heavy stuff ... Good Grief. When can I claim to be too old for all this ... hmmmm.

Well, I better get my show on the road ... sitting at the computer, talking to friends is what I enjoy doing, but the work awaits ... You and Pogo have a wonderful day (his picture with Lady dwarf is beautiful of both of them). Hugs to Pogo from Izzi :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

Well, some windows done again and they look real good!
You have accomplished a lot! Isn;t it nice that because of the placing of the new windows, the curtains had a wonderful cleaning too LOL?
Lady dwars Helen should be very happy.
And She looks so nice with Pogo on that photo.
Well, may be you can have a more quiet day today,
Have a wonderful Halloween my friend!