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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Busy Day Today

October 16, 2013

Good morning.  It's looking rather nice outside this morning.  Half sunny, half cloudy.  It seems that I managed to catch the Mrs' cold, because it has hit with full force.  Sore throat, coughing, runny nose, etc.  All sorts of good things. 

Today's post will be a bit short.  I slept a bit late this morning, and I have an appointment in Plymouth in a little while.  That's about a forty five minute drive away.  When I get back, I'll put in a call to my doctor to see if he can prescribe anything to help get me better quicker. 

My little guy is being extra lovable this morning.  He keeps wanting to snuggle on my lap and gives me kisses.  Hmmmm, I wonder if he is up to something?  Last night, he was snuggled up on the sofa while I was reading some of my email, and I just couldn't resist taking a couple more photos of him. 

How can anybody resist this adorable little bundle?  Believe me, I can't!  Anything he wants, he gets.  But then, that's the way it's supposed to be, isn't it?

I also have a couple of photos that I took Monday morning as I was getting ready to come home from work.  The fog outside was really quite thick.  Part way home, it thinned out and was patchy from one place to another. 

Well, now it's time for me to get dressed so that I can leave for my appointment on time.  Later, DIL Janet will be here, and I think we'll be having pizza for supper.  I really don't fell like cooking tonight.  So, on that note, I'll take my leave.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Why is it that animals look so cute when they are sleeping. I can't imagine that I would look nearly as adorable!

Andrea said...

I don't know anybody that could resist that little bundle ... he is the sweetest little boy ever. You are both lucky to have each other.

Sorry to hear you are coming down with another cold. I am trying to shake something too ... this has not been an easy fall. I don't have anything left of my cold except a cough ... a persistant cough that is exhausting after a while. I hope your doctor gives you something to nip it in the bud so you can be back on your feet, doing what you want to do, soon.

I was going to call you this morning but see that you won't be home and tomorrow I won't be home so perhaps Friday. This may end up being a project for Christmas's to come as opposed to this years, but I do want to do it eventually so I will persist:)

We are going to see my Sil and Bil tomorrow. They just bought a new house and they are all excited for us to see it. It will be a fun day if I don't scare them to death with my cough. I carry bags of cough drops with me and fortunately they seem to work for a short time. Izzi will be home with my daughter and my son will come over later to make sure she gets her potty breaks. She will not be a happy camper though ... she does have some separation issues. But, one must adapt, right? Well, I need to get going. There is always something I need to do awaiting me. I will check in Friday and see if we can set up another time. You have a wonderful day Edna and hugs to the little boy :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

Sorry for the cold you catched. It's not funny to have it, and it can let you feel miserable. Perhaps Pogo knows you are not feeling too well and therefore is sooooo nice to you. Pets feel it when something is wrong with you.
Take care, hope you can still have a nice time with Janet, and you're right, why cook if you don;t feel like it LOL.

Hummie B said...

Your yorkie is just too adorabe!