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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pray For Puppy Doe's Soul

September 21, 2013 

Good morning.  Well, it's about 70 degrees F, so that's a pretty nice way to start the day.  I did try to sleep as late as possible this morning, but Mr. Pogo would only let me have until around 8:30 and then he carried on until I got up.  As soon as I opened the door to the laundry room, he rushed out barking and growling for Joe.  It was bologna treat time for Pogo!!

Thursday night through Friday was a long shift.  However, the Mrs' son came by at 7 a.m. so that I could run home and pick up Pogo and bring him back with me.  I had already packed food for Pogo in my workbag the night before.  The worst part of the whole shift was having no access to the internet. 

It's amazing how uninteresting the laptop becomes when there is no internet.  You cannot read your blog or anyone else's blog.  There's no point in looking at email because none came in while the internet was out, and most of it won't open anyway without Wi-Fi.  Sounds like we are a technology addicted population. 

There's been articles in the news these past couple of days about a pit bull named "Puppy Doe".  I'm not going to rant about the horrific abuse this dog had to tolerate because I am enraged at the sicko who tortured this poor fur baby.   The violence and wounds were so severe that Puppy Doe had to be put to sleep.  I'm just hoping that that this horribly vicious person is severely punished. 

My heart cries for Puppy Doe and all the other abused animals.  What is wrong with people anyway?  When will be all start watching over not just our own pets but other animals as well?  Folks if you see or know of any animal abuse, please report it to the authorities.  People don't just wake up one morning and decide to torture an animal.  There are signs.  Please see them and report them. 

How about a photo?  Have you ever taken a close look at a butterfly bush after the blooms have passed by?  I never really thought about it until I was taking a few photos in my yard a few days ago.  I was looking to see what is still blooming when I noticed how strange the "gone by" blossoms on the bush really looked.

I also got some nice shots of a spider web filled with rain drops that was tucked into one of the rose bushes.  I thought it was quite interesting.

Last, here's a photo that I like to call "Hope".   After a dreary cold and wet day, this little pink bud shows that there is still hope for another beautiful day.

It's time now for me to get dressed and do a few things around here.  Tonight it's back to work again.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.  Give your fur babies an extra hug.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Oh no ... I thought your wifi was back at work. What happened. How often do these people have to pay their bill? I can't imagine a long shift without access. You must be right, we are addicted ... oh my!

Animal abuse of all kinds gets me furious. I have seen people swerve off the road to hit a raccoon or there was a young teenager in our neighborhood who hit the gas so he could run down a baby fox. Sicko, Sicko ... instead of arresting a million people for having an ounce of marijuana in their pockets, they should start rounding these people up. I bet the crime numbers would drop like crazy because poeple like that don't stop with animal cruelity ... they are notorious, vicious killers and abusers of people as well. We have our focus on so many wrong things in this country ... I sure hope we find our way back to truth and reality before everything goes to pot. Ahhhh ... that felt good. Thanks Edna for opening up the opportunity to vent :) Well, off to the store ... groceries and shoes. Shoes for my big event next week. I am going to the 40th anniversary of the International Crane Foundation in Milwaukee ... we will be dining with Jane Goodall and Roger Mengleson. I simply can't wait to meet these wonderful conservationist and thank them for all of the good work they have done. So all for me for the moment. Izzi is snoozing after her busy class so I will slip out and get my stuff done. Have a nice weekend, Edna and Pogo.

Andrea @ From The Sol

aquascrap said...

I'm with you Edna in regards to these demented people who torture animals. We too have our fair share of sicko's here.....just the other day a baby dolphin was washed up on our beach with a gun shot wound.

I have to disagree with Andrea though in regards to not arresting people with an ounce of marijuana on them. It is these people who are most probably the abusers of these animals. Any drug that alters the minds of people has to be banned.

That is why we have such a huge mental health problem these days. Don't get me started on illicit drugs!!!

Anyway you have a great day. Glad to see you're still having some nice temperatures. Enjoy them!

Judy xx

smiekeltje said...

Hopefully you will have internet this shift. I can imagine, that it is very boring not to have acces to it.
Animal abuse is a terrible thing. We sometimes see some commercials on tv, to collect money for organizations that take care of this, and lately I saw some horrific shots of bears and donkeys, and seeing that my heart really aches for them!
I cannot understand that people can do this to an animal.
How sicj you must be to be able to do that?

Glad there are also people who care a lot and at the least try to fight it.

Have a gopod shift and wonderful day!

The Queen Jester said...

I missed the story about Puppy Doe and I think I'm glad of it. The people that tormet animals are the same sickos that go after anything defenseless, whether it be a kid or the elderly. I don't know what twists a person so badly to want to injury a living creature for fun.