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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another Month Has Gone By

August 1, 2013

Good morning.  It looks sunny and bright outside my window, and I got to sleep late this morning.  Last night, I had no problem falling asleep.  I just had to close my eyes, and I must say that it felt good.  Now if I could just figure out how to do that on Thursday nights. (Friday is a work day.)

Well, yesterday was another busy day, followed by a nice visit with my DIL, Janet.  We had pizza for supper and watched some fun TV programs that I had taped earlier in the week.  Betty White has a new program featuring all elderly folks who enjoy playing pranks on young people.  I must admit that it is really funny.  It's called "Off Their Rockers".

This afternoon, I am going shopping with my daughter Deanne.  Her birthday was last month, and this is the first chance we have had to go shopping for a birthday present for her.  I am so looking forward to spending the afternoon with her. 

Speaking of "last month", did you notice that today is the beginning of another new month?  It's already August!!  Folks, it time to start some serious Holiday shopping.  (or hand making, if you are into crafts).  The way time is flying by, December will be here before we know it.  Oh my.  Well, here is the August page from my calendar.

I also have a couple of moth/butterfly photos to share.  I don't know whether they are tiny butterflies or moths.  Who cares anyway?  They are interesting.

I know I was going to show you a photo of a new craft but it will have to wait till tomorrow.  First I have to take a couple of photos.  However that will have to wait till later too.  There are only so many hours in the day and I seem to use them all up rather quickly.  Getting old is such fun!

Speaking of fun, I want to get a load of laundry done before I go shopping.  Got to have all my work clothes ready for tomorrow morning.   So, let me get busy here.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Glad you had some fun too!
Hope your shopping afternoon with Deanne will be very succesful.
Yes, you are right, there are just 24 hours in a day and very often they are gone before you know, and there wasn;t time enough to do all you had planned LOL!
Wishing you a good sleep Thursday night,
We will not move too much today, very hot!

Nani said...

I admit that I still have my birthday month waterfalls showing and today id the 3rd, I really do need to break down and change it, but the July photo was so pretty!!

I'm not up on telling the difference between moths and butterflies, but generally if I see it during the day, I call it a butterfly. At night I call the moths. lol

Hope your afternoon with Deanne was fabulous, I'm sure it was!

Hugs, Nani

Hannah said...

The little butterflies are called Skippers. They fold their wings differently than most butterflies. I like them because they seem friendlier and less afraid than most butterflies, and have such big eyes. I like your butterfly photos, what kind of camera do you use?