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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gorgeous Big Moon Last Night

June 23, 2013

Good morning.  I'm at work, and the Mrs is snoozing away.  I went outside about five a.m. to see if the moon was still visible, but it's not up there.  I mean, it's there somewhere, just not where I can see it.  Last night I was able to get a few shots of the moon but they were not as good as I would have liked.  This is one of the better ones.

Yesterday,  while I slept the day away, two of the dwarfs went to a flea market and came home with a present for me.  When I went outside to go to work last night, this is what I saw whirling away in the little garden near the shed.  Isn't it cute?

There's really not much news for this morning so I think I'll do a bit of catching up on my emails and blog reading.  Maybe if I'm not too tired later this morning, Pogo and I can take in a flea market.  I haven't been to one since this past winter in Florida.  Hmmmm, this sounds like a good idea.

Well, I'm off now.  It's time to check on the Mrs.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a scrumptious day.  (Now there's a nice word!)

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

How much better can a moon shot get? I think you captured it beautifully. I was amazed when I came over this morning and realized I had missed three posts ... all good posts (of course,all of your posts are good, so I can say that safely).

Cute little Lady Bug ... I have her friend the Bummble Bee in my garden. They blow in the wind and I love the way they look. Nice of your dwarfs to think of you:)

You sky shots are beautiful too. Every time I see the sun streaking out of the clouds like that it makes me feel a little spiritual. It is just to beautiful to be accidental. My clouds have been cloudy and dark and we have had some wicked rains ... hard and fast. Today my little weather station is predicting rain, but the sun is out and the sky is blue ... hmmmm.

Yesterday I did myself in. Izzi and I went to class, then out to lunch with a friend, then I cut the grass and planted some Buttercup on the hill. My agilitiy friend says it grows like a weed and that is what I need to cover the hill. I had some bare spots because I hadn't raked the leaves off last year. So fingers crossed that she is right and it will take. When I got done, I was wiped ... standing at an angle on a hill and trying to keep your balance is hard work. My son walks down the hill like it was level ... no problem. But, I slip and slide and have to be careful where I step or I will go tumbling.

Today a I am going to a baby shower. My friends daughter is expecting her first (and it is my friend's first Grandchild). I expect this to be a happy event, even though showers and parties are not my favorite thing. I wouldn't miss this because my friend is so happy it is nice to see her that way.

Well, I better get going. I have to paint my nails (another thing I don't do often) and wrap the baby gift. I have to leave here around eleven because she lives on the North Shore which is at least an hour drive if not more, depending on the traffic. You have yourself a wonderful day, Edna ... with handsome Pogo in his new shirts (pictures please). Iz sends her sniffs and licks ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Anonymous said...

Edna, last night's moon was officially called a Super Moon -- something about being so close to the earth -- your photo is amazing. Love the ladybug, too!! Glad the orange azalea link was helpful. . .

Huggs, Donna

The Queen Jester said...

It was too cloudy the other night to enjoy the moon. But a couple of nights before both Left Brain and I had a hard time getting to sleep. Must have been that full moon rising thing that seems to affect us. They say it has a stronger effect on the insane....hmmm...I wonder what that says about me.

smiekeltje said...

The little present of the dwarfs is adorable. Now that are those little things that make you smile and make a day a bit sunnier.
I didn;t catch a view on the moon yesterday, I guess it was too cloudy.
May be a good idea to take a little trip to a flea market. You might find some things for a real bargain. That's the fun of it.
You have a great day with Pogo