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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So, What Was That Weird Looking Photo?

April 10. 2013

It's almost time to say "good afternoon".   I slept quite late this morning.  No excuses, it felt good.  Then I had to read and get rid of a bunch of email.  Not all of it, just enough to make a decent dent. 

I had almost forgotten that my new dryer is being delivered sometime today.  Gosh, what a thing to forget!  Joe has already unhooked my old dryer so that it will be ready for the delivery men to take it away.

Joe also swept up all the dust from under and behind the dryer.  Wow!  You know, I am bad.  If I can't see on top of something, or under it or behind it, I don't think to look for dust there.  So, if you are tall enough to see on top of my refrigerator, or short enough to be able to look under things, you won't be very happy here.  I told you, the dust bunnies love me!

Let's get back to yesterday's photo.  No one was able to figure out just what it was, so I'll tell you and even show you the original photo.  It was a close-up of one small part of a photo of the foam that you make when you fill a vase with tap water.  I have turned it into a texture for you, and later today will get it uploaded.  Look for the freebie tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon, Pogo and I went to pick up my granddaughter, Jasmine, and her friend at school.  They stay late three or four days a week with the drama group to rehearse for the new play.  Pogo loves riding in the car and sitting in his car seat which gives him a great view of everything around him. 

Here are a couple of photos that I took of him watching for the school doors to open.  In the second photo, the look in his eyes tells you that he has spotted Jasmine and her friend.

Earlier in the day, Pogo and I went to the park to see the geese and the ducks.  Of course, I  took loads of photos, and will have some to share with you tomorrow.  It was such a gorgeous day (around 70 degrees F) and there were lots of other folks there with their fur babies.  I only let Pogo walk around for a bit, then put him in his stroller so that I could take some photos.  And, it keeps him from walking in goose poop too!  He has to sniff each and every one.

Well, that's my news for today.  Now it's time to rustle up some lunch and wait for the dryer delivery.  So, till tomorrow. Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Debby said...

He is so adorable and getting spoiled rotten. I like how he sits in his car seat with his toys. He's your baby.
Trying to feel better here. Izzy moving slowly.

The Queen Jester said...

Great idea for a texture.

I love the way he looks sitting in his little car seat.

He is definitely your "fur-kid"

smiekeltje said...

Why should you excuse yourself for being late? You obviously needed the sleep.
Hahaha, I am about the same with the dust bunnies, if I can;t see them they aren;t there. Well, I try to do also the spots out of sight once ina while, but they are so easy to forget, hey?
Pogo is adorable as ever. He has such funny expressions in his eyes, great!
Hope your new dryer will have a looooong life!
Enjoy your day.

Andrea said...

Pogo is so cute ... he should be featured in a movie. What a little blessing in your life.

Sleep late ... your Pogo is more accomodating than my crew. I have cats sitting on my chest and dog paws, pawing at me if I am not up by seven. They are better than an alarm clock ... I can turn an alarm clock off, turn over and go back to sleep. But my gang doesn't get turned off. They persist until I crawl out of bed. Then the three of them head down the hall to the kitchen, with Izzi trying to herd them and Fonzi herding Izzi back. Every morning I say to myself, I have to get pictures of this, but at night I never remember to bring my camera into the bedroom so I have it handy ... that's because I am an old poop!

You are better than I am about dust bunnies ... I can see them and just look the other way on a given day. With three cats and a dog in the house most of my bunnies are furry. and they float up in the air if you stir them up ... they are fun to watch ... should get my camera out for that as well, Ha!

I am looking forward to your foamy background ... that was very clever of you. And, I wasn't all wrong. It was eatable :) I am a day behind with this comment so I will probaby be back later to see what you have to say today. I am off to the dentist again(my daughter has dry mouth because of years of medications and it has caused unbelievable problems with her teeth and gums ... so we go to the dentist regularly, ugh!). You have a great day Edna and loves again to Pogo the Cute!

Andrea @ From The Sol