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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Lazy, Sunny Day In Florida

March 6, 2013

Good morning.  The sun is shining and in a little while it will be warmed up.  We've just finished a tasty breakfast that Audrey made for us.  Mmmmmm.   Pogo had scrambled egg with wee bits of steak mixed in.   Now his tummy is full and he is curled up on a chair next to me.

This morning we will work together on some Photoshop stuff.  After lunch, or thereabouts, we will take a ride to one or two parks and walk around looking for things to photograph.   I know the birds are here.  I see them in the air all the time.  Now I just have to find them.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon lazing about on the screened in porch.  The maintenance men were by to replace one of the screens.  Pogo found this so interesting and never took his eyes off the men.  When the job was finished, Pogo curled up on a chair and took a nap in the warm sunshine. 

I took a photo of the view from our screened in porch.   This is for you, Nani.  And of course, anyone else who needs a little sunshine.  As you can see, we are near everything yet still have lots of privacy.  To the right you see the laundry facility, and to the left the hedges are a privacy screen for the pool and hot tub.

Later in the afternoon, the three of us took a walk around here for a bit.  I did take a few photos, but forgot to change the white balance on my camera.   Here's Audrey and Pogo. and that's our rental car near our door.

You can see from the different way folks dress here, the type of climate they came from.  When I took this last photo, I was wearing a tee shirt and shorts.  Audrey, on the other hand, is wearing jeans and a sweat jacket.  I am from the Northeast, and Audrey is from Southeast.  Interesting.  

When we arrived here Sunday evening, it was quite chilly but there were folks already in the pool.   Most likely, these folks came from places way up North or from Canada.  Chilly here is warm back up North.

Now it's time for us to start our day.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Pogo is the cutest dog ever ... these are great pictures of the little boy. And your Condo is really very nice ... what a great vacation you are having.

Your pictures looked fine. When I don't set my white balance, everything is blue ... and you can't photoshop the blue out. Sounds like relaxation is high on your list of to do's. That is great because you work hard when you are home, so that might be just what you need. My little trip is going to be anything but relaxing. We will be hiking in the woods going to blinds so we can see the birds. Where you are, you won't have to hike far to see all kinds of birds. I am excited for you.

Well, I am off to coffee with my friend so I will check in later. You have another great vacation day, Edna.

Andrea @ From the Sol

Nani said...

You know, Edna, every time I visit I get the craving for a cup of coffee, no matter what time of day it is! Either you or a friends who comments before me mentions it and BAM; I need coffee! That happens to me reading too; lots of detectives drink coffee all the time! David says that the coffee suggestion is more of a reminder than a suggestion to my brain. Maybe that's so.

Thank you for the sunshine! (and for the preview last night!)Your view makes me warm. That with the sweet mention and my plush robe working together make e feel all warm and fuzzy! Thank you!

I love Pogo's shirt! Guess he doesn't need the full-on hoodie because he's a New Englander, right??

In Toledo, I'm still bundling up with an extra sweater and a scarf and I watched a girl walk into the bank in shorts while I was waiting for the bus yesterday. Wonder what part of Siberia she came from?

Thanks for the warm and the palm trees!You, Audrey and Pogo have fun finding the birds!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Your holiday place looks awesome!
You just enjoy all and as much you can, and wish you a marvellous photoshoot time in the parc!

The Queen Jester said...

He's adorable in his little red, white and blue outfit...such the little gentleman.
It doesn't surprise me that Audrey is dressed warmer than you. The longer we are down south the easier I become cold. I even bought some long underwear at one point in Arizona as the desert nights were so cold my sweatsuit was not enough.