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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Storm Q Is Dumping Lots Of Snow And Ice

February 21, 2013

Good morning.  It seems as though all the bad Winter weather is now in full force in the central and mid western part of the country.  Gosh, they are getting snow, sleet and ice, and the snow is falling at two inches per hour.  This is all part of Winter Storm Q and it is definitely not fun.

 I feel bad for these folks.  It seems as though this whole section of the country has been getting hammered with all sorts of bad weather for quite a while now.  Is this climate change?   If it is, it is really raising havoc with all our weather patterns.

Well, yesterday's feisty little energy burst has already gone bye bye.  Today will be a bit of a lazy day.  I'm saving all my energy for work tonight.  I'm hoping to spend some time working on next month's collab kit after the Mrs is tucked in for the night.  It will be March before you know it.

There is an ad on TV that just drives me crazy.  It's the new Progressive Insurance commercial featuring a large basketball player acting like some sort of deranged caveman.  I have not been able to figure out what his nauseating behavior is trying to prove.  All I know is that he leaves me feeling disgusted with the insurance company and their advertising company.  I'm an intelligent adult, and they could talk to me in a more adult manner.

Today I have a couple photos of a cute little Nuthatch.  These were some of the photos that I took through the Mrs' patio doors.  This little guy sat on the branch for a couple of minutes so I was able to take quite a few photos.  Isn't he just a cutie?

Today I have to get serious about packing my goodie box for Florida if I ever want it to be there waiting for me.  Up to now, I've just been thinking about what to pack.  Now it's time  to actually get the box packed.  I just need to give myself a little boot in the patootie to get going.

First I'm going to the kitchen to see what I can rustle up for breakfast.  I bought a green pepper, so I'm thinking that scrambled eggs and green pepper sounds pretty good.  Mmmmm.  Pogo has already turned his nose up at the dog food, so maybe he'll eat the eggs.  Ah well, I'm off.  Till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

I haven’t seen that Progressive ad. Think I’m glad. I usually kinda like the ads with Flo. Auto insurance ads are usually pretty silly.

Pogo turned his nose up at his dog food, so now he gets eggs; he has you so well trained, Edna! ;)

I’m getting vicariously excited about your vacation, which it seems I always do; get to sunny Florida and share photos! It makes me feel warmer.

I need to get back to collecting our tax info so we can maybe get it done before April this year! I think I need an afternoon coffee to help with that.

Hugs, Nani

Andrea said...

So, by now the box is packed and ready to go, right? Eleven days until your vacation ... how exciting! How long will you be in Florida? Hopefully long enough to not be coming back to snow and wind. I am up to my patoot with winter weather. The big storm you were talking about is due to hit here any time now ... 6 yo 8 inches of snow they are saying. Last time they said that we got a foot. It always hangs around longer here because of the winds off of Lake Michigan. Anyway, I ran out and got gas for the snow blower so my son can dig us out if he needs to.
I don't have any plans to go anywhere tomorrow so I probably won't mind being stuck here ... it is Izzi who might suffer the consequences, though maybe not, because she loves the snow.

I love your bird pictures ... both the cardinal and the nut hatch. They are such beautiful and fun birds to watch. I just had a Sharp Shinned Hawk sitting on my deck, but he was long gone before I could whip my camera out. Interesting that his territory overlaps with the Cooper's Hawk. Hope they don't run into each other ... that would not be a good thing for the Sharpy.

Well, Edna, the vacation count down has started ... the weather in Florida has to be better than what you are having on the East coast. Where will you be staying and what birding area's are close to you. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures when you get down there. Pogo is not going to want to come back ... he loves the worm, cozy places. He will be spoiled after just one Florida sun bath ...

Be well, be safe and don't work too hard. Life is short and we should enjoy when we can.

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

I love the pictures of the little guy at the branch! He is really cute.
Poor folks who have to deal with so much weather disasters.
Have to go posting now, I am somewhat late this morning, took a good sleep, yeah!
You are right to take it a bit lazy today, having to work this night.
Enjoy your scrambled eggs!