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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Some Of These Kids' Programs Are Great!

October 2, 2012

Good morning.  It's actually quite nice outside at the moment.  The sun keeps trying to peek through the clouds and it's 61 degrees F.  The temperature will be rising up into the 70's, so it's going to get even nicer.

I got some interesting comments on aging, and the consensus is that be what it is, it's still a very good time in life.  As my hubby used to say, "Every day I wake up is a good day."

I'm watching the weather channel on TV, and they are discussing naming winter storms, and why it's a good idea.  They are also discussing how they choose those names.  My brain is telling me to put the cartoons on.  The Dinosaur Train is so much more interesting!  Even Pogo like this program.

We had a big, gorgeous harvest moon this weekend, and I was not able to get any photos.  There were just too many clouds.  I did, however, get a couple photos of the moon yesterday morning on my way home from work.  These were taken from inside my car.  In one shot, I got a bit too close to the door frame.

I tried to get a piece of the tree top in the shot so that you could see just how big the moon was.  It's just so beautiful.

Today, I have one more external hard drive to check out.  With a bit of luck, I will find some of my favorite photos on it.  So far, I don't have anything to put into the November competition.  I will most likely have to start over, and maybe I'll have something for December.  Oh well.

Tonight it's my turn to make supper.  Joe (one of the dwarfs) made supper the last two nights.  Hmmmm, I'm thinking we'll have pizza.  I know he likes that.  Sharing meals several times a week is really nice.  Now Pogo and I are going to settle back, and watch The Cat In The Hat.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Gorgeous moon!

I’ve been watching The Weather Channel over and over today. That is David left it on and I can’t find the remote. I seldom have the TV on during the day and it’s bugging me so I’ll have to hobble over to it and turn it off. Maybe I’ll find the remote?

Anyway, I think naming winter storms is a good idea, but not as a Weather Channel gimmick which this is. If the National Weather Service isn’t doing it the network news won’t use it. I do like the idea of naming really huge winter storms. Like hurricanes, giving it a name is a statement of the severity expected but if it’s only The Weather Channel doing it, it’s juts cute TV marketing.

Gloomy and chilly here today. I think I need to think about lunch. Have a great day!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Hahaha, Jan too likes to watch cartoons on tv.
Well, I do too sometimes, they have some fun ones, specially the bit older ones.
Couple of days go we too had a big round moon, amazing how much light that gives.
Okay, time for posting and more.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Lovely shots, I too, could not photo the moon because of clouds, but the photos I have seen were very impressive. Cat in the Hat is a fav of mine too! Hugs!! Mat