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Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Love Surprises!

Ocdtober 21, 2012

Oh what a gorgeous morning!  Sunny and not too cool.  Perfect for this time of year.  I got home from work this morning only to find that my little Pogo had been sick during the night.  I knew yesteray that he wasn't feeling so well because his appetite was off.  Thank goodness his little beds are all quite big for him.  He had a case of the squirts during the night, and still had plenty of clean space left to curl up in. 

This morning he is feeling so much better. (now that all the bad stuff got squirted out!)  He gobbled up his breakfast - dog food!  Maybe because it was ham and egg flavored?  I put a clean red hoodie on him, and now he is curled up next to me.  I'm in the middle of several loads of laundry.  One for Pogo's blankets and his Tigger, another for my work clothes, and one for Joe.  (He babysits for me and I do his laundry.  Fair trade.)

Yesterday I mentioned that I got a wonderful surprise in the mail on Friday.  It was an early birthday card from my friend Kyra, and inside it was a beautiful little angel pin.  What a wonderful "perk me up".  It put a fabulously huge smile on my face.  Thank you so much Kyra.  Here's a layout I made of the card and the angel pin to share with you. 

For quite some time now, I've been trying to capture a photo of the birds as they begin to migrate South.  Up to now, I have not been in the right place at the right time and with a camera.  Yesterday, as I was sitting in my car at a traffic light, this flock flew over.  I grabbed my camera and was able to get at least one decent shot.  (through the windshield)

This morning, a flock of geese flew much lower overhead, but I was driving and could not pull over to get a photo.  Not to worry though, I'll just keep on trying. 

During the afternoon yesterday, the gray clouds moved on by and the sun came out.  I noticed it peeking through my trees with lots of star rays so I got my camera and took a few photos.  This one came out the best.

Isn't this pretty?  Some times the beauty in nature just simply amazes me.  It's so awesome!  Every week, I learn something new about my camera.  Last week, I finally learned about the white balance and how to set it.  This photo was taken with the while balance set to "sunny".  For those who don't know, most all my trees are extremely tall evergreens, and my house is mostly surrounded by them.

Well, that's it for this morning.  The washing machine is calling to me.  "Put in the next load Woman!"  Yeeesh!  What a sassy machine!  So, till tomorrow folks, Y'all have a fabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

nice shot of the sun through the trees, it's hard to get the flare just right.

Nani said...

I'm glad Pogo is feeling better today! That sun and trees shot is fantastic! Your nature shots always are!

I'm back from my BFF visit and have so much catching up to do! I'll be back tomorrow to read the wee's posts! Have a great night!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Glad Pogo is much better again!
I know your card arrived a bit early, but I thought better early than too late. Had it all ready and thought.... why not sending it right away, before I forget to do it in time ?

Have a great day(close to the washing machine LOL)

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

O what a marvelous surprise, nice gift too! Glad Pogo is feeling better and eating his real food...LOL! Love the shot of the birds even through your windshield. The sunburst through the trees is just fabulous! Hope you have a great week ahead! Hugs, Mat

boop52245 said...

Thanks so very much for the remaining parts to this beautiful collab. Glad to hear that Pogo is feeling better. Your hanging plants at driveway are gorgeous.