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Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Ask And Ye Shall Receive"

September 2, 2012

Good morning.  It's an absolutely gorgeous morning out there.  I almost feel guilty about enjoying it when a lot of you are being swamped with heavy rains from Isaac.  Hopefully by now, Isaac is losing a lot of strength and will soon be gone.

On my way to work last night, I was having a little chat with God, and I mentioned that it would be nice to have something interesting to write about on my blog for a change.  Do you remember that saying "Be careful what you ask for"?  Well, keep it in mind when you're asking for small favors.

Last night was a fairly easy night at work.  The Mrs was rather tired and wanted to turn in early.  That meant that I could play on the computer for a while.  And I did.  Oh goodie!  I worked on the next collab kit.  Around 1:30, I decided to get comfy on the sofa and maybe catch a few winks while the Mrs slept.  I almost made it.  Shortly after 2:15 a.m., the Mrs woke and needed some assistance.

On my way back to the sofa, I happened to look out a window and was very surprised at how light it was outside.  I took a closer look, and decided to try getting a few photos.  Because the full moon was so bright, the sky was a medium blue with lots of white clouds, and a sprinkling of dark clouds.  I set my camera on a little table in front of the window and snapped this photo at 2:45 a.m.

Then I pointed upwards and got this beautiful shot.  Would you look at those gorgeous stars?  See the little cluster high up?  It looks sort of like the little dipper.  The photo is at an angle because that was the only way I could hold it up in the window and try to keep the camera still.  Obviously I'm not using a tripod.  I'm holding the camera against the window glass.

Next, I squirmed around a bit until I could just about see the moon way over on my right.  I just held the camera up to the glass, pointed up towards the sky over the barn roof and clicked away.  This shows the darker clouds getting ready to cover the moon.

At 6:00 a.m., the beautiful bright moon was still there, although covered with bits of lingering gray clouds.

So you see, He does listen to us when we take the time to talk with Him.  Although I must say, He was feeling a bit playful this morning, and decided to toss a little extra excitement my way.  When I was part way home, I noticed in my rear view mirror, that a police cruiser had pulled out of a side street and was behind me. 

A few minutes later, that cruiser was still there, right behind me.  Hmmmmmmm.  I checked my speedometer, and I was right on the speed limit.  Oh Oh!  All of a sudden the blue lights on the cruiser started flashing.  I looked around, but there was only him and me on the street.  Oops!  Now what did I do?  Slowly, I pulled over to the curb.

"Could I see your license, please?  You know it has expired?"  This was from the nice policeman at my window.  I answered "Oh dear, I thought it had another year to go before it expired."  I dug out my license and handed it to the policeman.  Well, what do you know!  It read "Expires Nov. 2013".

He said "That's strange." and asked if I owned the car and I said "yes".  Now he wanted my registration, which I promptly produced.  He asked if anyone else owned the car and I answered "no".  He took these items back to his cruiser and made a call (I guess), then came back to me.  He said "I ran your plate number and it says that the owner, Maurice's, license has expired."  I told him that the Maurice had passed away in 2007, and that I had bought this car in 2011. 

He apologized and said that the Registry must not have corrected their records and that I should call them and ask them to update their records.   He said I had not done anything wrong, but that any time I got stopped for something my plate would be run and the same thing would come up again.  I thanked him for this information and went on my way.  Phew!

So you see, it's okay to ask for something, but do keep it small.  You never know when He is going to be in a playful mood, and toss a little extra your way.

So, now that I've gabbed your ear off, I'm going to go play with Pogo, and then have me a nice nap.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Quite a story you had to tell LOL! Hope you did phone the registry and that it all has been cleared up now and in order again.
Sorry I missed you yesterday, but we were out all afternoon and in the morning I was doing some household chores, so little time at the computer.
Have a great day!

The Queen Jester said...

Yup - you wanna be careful what you ask the Big Guy for - He always delivers but sometimes in strange ways. It just goes to show that G-d has a wicked sense of humor.

Nani said...

What is it with DMVs and license plates? David got pulled over about 6 weeks after buying his car and the officer told him the plate wasn’t registered to his car! They were supposed to do the plate change paperwork with all of his title work, and they did; just the DMV forgot to actually file it! Cray! At least you weren’t ticketed for the SNAFU!