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Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Gorgeous Late Summer Day

September 6, 2012

Good morning.  I can handle this kind of rain.  It was on and off all morning yesterday, then it cleared up and the sun came out.  The temps are fabulous.  70's to 82.  Excellent.  It must have showered over night because the grass was soaked this morning, but that's just fine.  Right now, the sun is shining and it's 73 degrees.  Fab, fab, fab!

Pogo is feeling much better today.  Actually he's quite frisky and running around.  Right now, he's sitting next to me looking quite handsome in his new orange hoodie.  Yesterday, he wore his green hoodie and I was able to get some photos to share.

I guess I'll have to order him some more of these hoodies so that he'll be snuggly warm all through the winter.  After all, one can't have too many hoodies.  As for our potty training, well, that's a whole new ballgame.  I don't know how to train a six year old dog new tricks, especially where to go potty.  And Pogo is quite happy to ignore everything I try.

 I even bought the indoor/outdoor grass carpet and cut it into sections to put in the pantry.  I had hopes he might decide to use this instead of my carpet.  When am I ever going to learn?

I managed to work a bit on the upcoming collab kit.  This one is quite different and a lot of fun.  No more hints though.  You'll just have to wait till Monday.  I also worked on my one and only photo class assignment.  We are working on ISO.  I did learn that this is actually pronounced "eesoh".  Hmm, very interesting!

Now it's time to put some day clothes on and maybe do a few things around here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I love Pogo in his hoodie ... I love hoodies for myself. They are so comfortable and warm when you need to be warm. I agree you should get more for Pogo. So glad he is feeling better ... it is worrisom when they are in pain. I am sure you are relieved. Wish I could suggest something to help with the potty training ... I am guessing he is marking to make sure everyone knows that is his house. Big Mac marked in our house when we babysat him ... much to our chagrin :( I would suggest that you ask your vet for some suggestions. They surely have run into this issue before. Good luck!

You seem to be finally getting some reasonable rain ... we have had a few sprinkles, but nothing consistent enough to relieve the drought. Our wildlife is really struggling. It would be nice if you could send some of your rain our way.

I will be interested to hear what you think of your class when you are finished with it. Let me know if you think it is worth while because I have signed up for a free tutorial, but not a regular class yet. I certainly have room for improvement, so I probably should just take the course. Sorry ... thinking out loud :) Have a nice evening Edna ...

Andrea @ From the Sol

smiekeltje said...

Pogo is just an adorable little cheeky doggie.
I agree it is hard to learn new things to a 6 years old dog, it can be done, but takes a LOT of patience and time.
But how to do that, I don;t really know, may be a good suggestion to ask the vet.
You are having great weather at the moment, so if you have the time or can make the time for it you should go out a bit and enjoy it. It will be over sooner than we think.
Have a wonderful day!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

O how handsome he is in green, cute shots too, looks like he is posing for them with the sly smile on his face....just adorable. Your weather is supposed to hit us tonight, oh we hope so, a little rain and much, much, much cooler temps! From 104 today to 68 by morning and only in the lower 80's for the whole weekend! Hope can get some garden and yard work accomplished if my back will allow it! Have a terrific weekend ahead! Hugs, Mat

The Queen Jester said...

He is just too stinking cute! Even without the hoodies, but especially with them.

Nani said...

I love Pogo's hoodie! So cute and one of my favorite shades of green.

hugs, Nani

LindyLouMac said...

Calling by from Photo Art Friday, an interesting edit.