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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Window Shopping

August 9, 2012

Today, it's good afternoon.  For some reason, sleep escaped me most of the night.  This morning, I was finally able to fall asleep for a few hours.  I will have to talk to the doctor about this when I see him next week. 

Janet was here yesterday afternoon and we decided to go window shopping at Staples.  This was fun because we were checking out the new laptops, external drives, etc.  No, no, no, not for me.  Janet might be getting a new laptop and maybe Photoshop Elements.  I think this is just wonderful.

When we left Staples, we continued on to Home Depot's Garden Department.  Oh my, they had so many beautiful plants and of course, I wanted them all.  Especially the pink Butterfly Bush, and more Rose of Sharon.  I was very good, and we just looked.  Janet remined me that this comng weekend is tax free shopping here in Massachusetts. 

I forgot that I will have not one, but two small doggies with me, so I'm not sure how much shopping I will be able to do this weekend.  I may just go back and get my plants tomorrow.  We'll see.

Tomorrow's theme for Friday Photo Art is our own interpretation of "gift".  Yesterday I had taken a rather pretty photo of the sky at daybreak, and to me something like this is really a gift.  So I cropped the photo and added the "Never Seen Before" texture from Bonnie at PDPA.  I also took the flying geese out of a photo at the park, and placed them in this beautiful new sky.  Here's my result.

A couple days ago while I was photographing some of the flowers on the other side of my house, I spotted a brand new fairy village down inside the grass.  There were several new homes scattered about,

and a lovely new Fairy Resort Spa.  Oh, I would love to see this when all the lights are turned on at night and the fairies are dancing about.

In case you're wondering, I'm still working on my first cup of coffee.  Nothing more.  Honest!  I just see a lot of beauty in Nature.  These little surprises were tucked into grass that is only about three inches tall.  If I hadn't looked down, I'd have missed them.

Pogo is still exploring and settling in nicely, and I'm pretty sure he's happy with his new home.  I know he loves his new diet.  Although, why wouldn't he?  It's assorted gourmet doggie foods with a mix of select people foods.  He also loves meeting new people, and is being a lot more playful. 

I'll have to start using the video on my camera and take some short movies.  Gosh, I just never run out of new things to do.  (Such a problem, huh?)  I also want to check back with the camera club that I wrote to earlier in the summer.  They will be starting up in just a few weeks and Janet and I would like to join.

Now I must get a move on and stuff this adorable little body into some clothes.  Dee Dee is coming by soon with Sassy and I want to at least finish washing the dishes and pick up a few things.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

I think maybe Pogo needs to do a "friendly" tutorial so Carla can watch. When the girts were here yesterday, Rina went upstairs to find her; she woke up saw her human cousin and ran away to hide in her Daddy's hobby room. Kaline actually came downstairs to say "hi" when we came in. It's like the exchanged greeting personalities for the day.

You guys get a tax-free day? That's the day you get to look in the direction of New Hampshire and give a raspberry, right? hehe

I love you interpretation of "gift."

Have a great evening and a night of more restful sleep!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Some things you do notice in nature are really a gift, or people should think like this. Beautiful picture.
Oh how I love the fairy homes and specially the Spa LOL!
I will be hard to spot the fairies, they are oh so careful, but who knows, perhaps you are a lucky person?
I am sure Pogo settles well and is happy with you.
Goodie, you were strong at the window shopping ROFL.
Have a great day, and may be you;ll find time for an extra little nap later today?

Anonymous said...

you've done a wonderful piece of art creating the first picture. I would never have thought those birds weren't there originally :)

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow, nice job on the flying geese at sunrise photo, love it. The Fairy Garden homes are beautiful too! LOL! I love nature and it's surprises like you's just so hot here I can't get to enjoy them that much! I hope you really enjoy this mini vacation with Pogo and get some well deserved rest! Have a great weekend ahead! Hugs, Mat

Pat said...

Beautiful flying geese image!

Andrea said...

Beautiful gift picture ... very creative. And, I love the Fairy Garden as well. My Fairy Gardens turn black as soon as they come up because it is so hot and dry. We have had some rain this week, so I am hoping things will get better.

Love little Pogo and he seems to be so good for you. It is great that he gets along with other dogs. We had two new dogs move in next door and my Izzi was very standoffish (typical Aussie behavior). They turned her off in the beginning because they were trying to bully her ... Izzi doesn't take bullying ... she put a quick end to it. Now after several weeks they are greeting each other and the tail (in Izzi's case her tail end) are wagging. Soon I am hoping they will start playing when they are out ... that will make for some good pictures, right? Have a great day Edna, and get some rest over your long weekend.

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

I couldn't sleep last night either so I feel your pain. That is so frustrating.

I liked the photo you put together with the geese. I need to try more of this.

You have a good day and hopefully you'll sleep like a baby tonight.

Ida said...

What a great photo of the geese and the texture you chose goes perfectly with it.

Monica said...

You did a wonderful job putting the geese into to sky. Beautiful colors:)