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Friday, July 13, 2012

A Purple Fountain Weeping Beech Tree

July 13, 2012

Good morning.  I'm at work, and the Mrs is still asleep.    Yesterday, I was so tired after exercising, that I went back to bed instead of sitting at the computer.  It was not the exercises that made me tired.  It was probably because of getting to sleep rather late and then getting up early in the morning. 

The doctor prescribed an ointment and an antibiotic for the mess on my leg from the spider bite.  However, the pharmacy could not fill it until late Wednesday (I guess they were out of the stuff).  By then, the mess on my leg had begun to spread to other areas and the itch was wicked. 

It also started to form a big blister.  By yesterday afternoon, I decided to break the blister because it was getting quite big and was really very itchy.  Needless to say, it was also quite a messy little bugger.  Today it is covered nicely with an antibiotic cream and bandaids, and I must say that most of the itch has disappeared.  

Janet was by Wednesday afternoon, and brought along some of the photos she had taken of her fish.  She has quite a nice aquarium filled with interesting fish.  I thought I would share a couple of her photos here.

I also have a photo of the gorgeous roses on Deannes's white rose tree.  This plant will be stunning in a few days because it is covered with buds.

Thanks for helping me find a name for the tree that I showed here the other day.  I looked Weeping Beech tree up on Google and found that it is called a  "Purple Fountain" Weeping Beech tree.  Not all of the Weeping Beech trees are purple.  There is a huge green one that I pass on my way to work.  I will stop one of these days and take a photo of it.  I think they are quite fascinating.

The sticky heat worked it's way back here yesterday, and I guess it will be staying for a while.  I can't complain though, because at least it won't be in the high 90's.  Just normal sticky hot summer days. 

Do any of you know how to tempt a fisher cat into a trap?  Short of putting a live chicken in the trap, (which I definitely would not do!) we can't seem to coax this critter into the trap.  We don't want to hurt it, just move it to a different area with lots of trees.  This isn't an easy job, and there is at least one youngster now. 

We have also been invaded by plant eating rabbits.  I'm wondering if I toss out some carrots every day, if these bunny rabbits will leave my plants alone.  They eat everything, flower, leaves, everything!  I wonder what I did to upset the garden gods so much that they have sent me these wicked critters.

The Mrs will be waking soon, so that's it for this morning.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea said...

Ouch ... a spider bite? I must have missed that. I hope you know what kind of spider it was. I don't know what a fisher cat is ... do you have pictures. And as for the carrots, speaking from experience, they will eat the carrots in two seconds and go back to the garden . There are things you can buy to discourage them being in your garden. They probably sell something at the hardware store. It won't hurt them it will just scare them. I think it is like the scent of Fox urine. Anyway, I hope your bite heals up quickly ... I always worry that it might be a Brown Recluse which is a very serious bite. Hope it isn't. Have a great day Edna ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Nani said...

I was gad to see this post as the top one on my reading list this morning! When I got to the end of the day and still no Edna post... I was going to drop an email if there wasn't one by lunch! I missed our coffee together yesterday! :)

Glad you have something that's taking the itching away! You're a brave woman popping a spider bite! But no baby spiders, so you're okay. :) (remember from my blog about the cyst that the doctor told me that only happens in Hollywood, but what he does is only practice anyway!)

I wondered if it might have been rabbit rather than deer that ate out tomato and pepper plants. David is not a fan of deer and Carla like to watch the bunnies so I think his thought that it was deer may have been a little prejudicial. I think if you put carrots out they may come back more often, but I don't know if that would stop them from eating everything else. You might need a hunter-size bag of bait carrots!

Have a fabulous day, my friend!

Hugs, Nani

Kelly@CCCC said...

Boy have I missed your blog! I absolutely love the stories you share with your fantastic photos and I am glad to be back online in Blogger-land! Gonna take me a little while to catch up with everyone but it feels like coming home! Hope your spider bite heals without any problems and it doesn't (pardon the pun) come back again and again to bite you in the behind. Much love and hugs!

aquascrap said...

I sometimes get a bit teeny eeny weeny bit jealous when I read about all the critters that come and visit, like the squirrels and chipmunks, deer and those beautiful birds. Now you have rabbits and a fisher cat (which I've never heard of).

I too would be annoyed if they came and devoured my plants and flowers in the garden. Hope you can find a solution in how to get rid of them.

Good luck in the healing of the spider bite! They can be nasty. We have a white tail spider here that can leave a very nasty bite.

smiekeltje said...

No idea what to do about the visitors in your garden.
Very annoying that rabbits eat your carrots.
I don;t think you did something wrong to the garden gods, LOL!
Every day or two, specially when it's rainy weather I am on the hunt for the snails. I must have murdered whole generations, but I don;t like it when they eat a lot of plants. Perhaps I will put special stuff on the soil, that Heidi recommended me, it seems to help.
Glad that your spider bite is somewhat better now and that you have stuff to treat it.
Jan is at work now till about noon, and in the afternoon we have to go to Heidi's home, to look after the fish and post and turn of the dishwasher. They are on holiday the next 3 weeks.
Have a splendid day!