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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bunnies At The Dinner Table

July 25, 2012

Good afternoon.  I was up during the night, so I slept in this morning.  It's quite nice outside, sunny and warm.  Eddie is here, busy puttering in the yard, and Dee Dee and I are watching the shopping channel.  They are featuring shopping totes today.  You put these nifty tote bags in your shopping cart at the maket, and put your  groceries into them.  Check out, and carry the bag home with you.  Sounds pretty good, but I can imaging how heavy each bag is once it is filled with food plus a gallon of milk and a couple of half gallons of juice. 

As for the tummy waist reducing belt, I won't be buying that either.  But I do enjoy watching these displays of all the new products.  I think it's great that a person can shop from the comfort of their home.  Except for clothes.  I find it difficult to buy clothes without trying them on first. 

This week, I worked on a lily photo for Mandarin Monday Orange.  I find working on different types of photo art to be very relaxing and I learn something new with each piece. 

I also have a few photos to share of a cute little bunny who just loves our bird seed.  Isn't is amazing how you can watch all different kinds of animals and birds sit down to the same dinner table and get along nicely with each other.  Outside my kitchen window, you can find different kinds of birds, squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies all sharing the bird seed.  We can learn so much from watching.

There's really not much for news today.  Yesterday's cleaning did not accomplsh very much, although I didn't expect it to.   Later today, when Janet gets here, maybe we can go out looking for new things to photograph.  We haven't done that in a while.  For now though, I'm going to sit and visit with my daughter.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

AW! what a cute bunny! When we used to have our all night dine, we'd put food out for the raccoons and possums and in the mornings there were still bits left for the birds and chipmunks.

We use reusable shopping bags, when we remember top bring them, but your really have to watch the bag packers or they fill them up with too much heavy stuff on the bottom. Just because 12 cans will fit across the bottom doesn't mean the shopper can possibly carry 12 cans inside at home! They're usually pretty good about it once you tell them not to make them too heavy. We have an insulated bag we brought chocolate home from Hershey in that we use for frozen stuff too. It's a godsend in the summer!

Enjoy your visiting and have a wonderful day!!

Hugs, Nani

Andrea said...

Nani's raccoons must be picky. If I leave something out it is gone and then they go to finish off the left over bird seed and drink the hummingbird nectar. I don't have rabbits anymore because we have a fox family living in the area. That is good if you have a garden, but I feel bad for the rabbits. That's nature though ... Not always warm and fuzzy ...

As for shopping bags, I solved the "too heavy" packing issue by checking out in the self check isle. That way I have total control over what goes in what bag. My problem is more remembering to bring the bags in with me ... I don't think about them until I am ready to chech out ... too little too late, hmmmmmm. Hope you have a nice visit with your daughter and find some new stuff to photograph. That is the most fun ... finding things :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

lorik said...

Thank you so much for contributing to Mandarin Orange Monday. I love your tiger lily and what you did with it. The little poem is a nice addition.

I too find playing around with the image relaxing. I could sit there all day - until I become aware of how much my back hurts! I love your rabbits too - you are very lucky to be able to see them through your window - i don't think I have ever seen a chipmunk at all.
Thanks again.

aquascrap said...

We too have to take our own shopping bags when we go shopping. As they charge us if we want a plastic shopping bag you quickly remember to take your own bags into the store.

Love the bunny pics. Enjoy your day with the girls and look forward to seeing what you find with the camera.

smiekeltje said...

Sweet bunnie!
It was such a nice day yesterday, that we sat in the room with open doors till midnight.
Today will be another beautiful day, Jan is free today, so I think we will just stay home, and watch already some Olympics sport(yes, it isn;t officially opened yet, but for some sports they need a bit more time, so they are busy already).
Heavy shopping bag? That's why I have my little cart on wheels, what a blessing.
Have a great day.

Deborah said...

great captures
and you did a fantastic job on the lily!

The Queen Jester said...

Nice daylight photo art.

I have bags for groceries but half the time leave them in the car....with the grocery list.

Perhaps someday my mind will work!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Cute bunny...I, too, feed birds, squirrels and bunnies and 6 feral cats...LOL! They all get along well with each other. I even put ice in their water bowls because of all the heat...and soak down a wet spot for the cats to cool off in. Have a terrific day!