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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don't Miss The Wonderful Little Things In Life

May 31, 2012

Do you believe this?  Today is the last day of May?  I realize that as you get older, time begins flying by, but this is ridiculous.  It's sort of like "The faster I run, the farther behind I get".  No wonder I'm getting old.  The years are running faster than I can keep up!

Seriously, it wasn't so long ago that I brought home a very scared looking puppy, and tried my best to coax her into the world of toys and big loves.  This wasn't difficult to do because everyone fell in love with my little Tootsie.  We thought the chemotherapy years would never end but they did.  Now here we are, two old ladies nine years later.  I know it was here, but how quickly the time has flown by.

I guess the moral of this is to enjoy each day the best you can.  Never stop hugging your loved ones and your friends, and never stop letting them know you love them.  There is so much enjoyment in the little things in life, don't miss them.

We have been  having lots of fun here at my house with a very simple little thing.  Audrey, you'll never guess how much fun we've all been having with that wind chime.  We wait to hear the chimes tinkle, and then we run to peek out the window.  Somehow, our chipmunks have found the little bowl of birdseed  that we put in the nest at the top, and have made it their own personal diner.

Is this not just the cutest thing?  We have all (the dwarfs and I) spent so many wonderful moments enjoying watching these little guys.  This is what I mean about enjoying all the little things around us. 

So, I must confess that I have purposely not mentioned anything about that nasty little smart phone of mine.  Deanne and I have been trying for the past two months to get my regular cell phone number transferred over to the new phone.  This has not been very much fun nor has it been easy or successfull. 

It took all this time to figure out how to get a real live person on the other end of the phone. and all they have managed to do so far is get my old cell phone to a non-working stage, and my smart phone to a non-working stage.   Now neither the old phone number nor the new phone number works.   Nor does the company care! 

DO NOT BUY THE CRICKET MUVE PHONE!!  Unless you are some sort of technology wizard and can make anything work, do not buy this phone.  It comes with lifetime free music downloads too, but all we've managed to download is two songs.  Imagine, six months and just two songs.  I do have to say that I love the built in GPS, but even that is no  good now because the phone does not work.

Deanne is doing her best to get the phone and the phone number back in working order.  Once that happens, I promise to have that "smash the phone" party.  Then I will go out and get me a new phone.  In the meantime, she has given me a cell phone to use.  I don't like being out in my car with no way to call for help in case of an accident.

Enough about the stupid smart phone.  The other day, I took photos of some of my plants.  Here's one of my peony bushes getting ready to blossom.  I do believe these buds will open soon.

We've lost quite a lot of the bulbs that we had in the garden, as well as a few plants.  There is a critter around here who is getting quite fat from eating his way through my garden.  It especially loves the bulbs.  So now it's time to pick up a couple of traps (the safe ones) and catch the little bugger and transport it to a different place to live.

Now I really should get dressed and do a few things around here.  Today is such a gorgeous day (sunny, mid 70's) and Tootsie and I want to get our and enjoy some of it.  Tomorrow I have to work, so hopefully the rain showers can hold off till then.  Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

72 ceuoda
Cute chipmunk! I know they are little thieves but they are so adorable.
Good reminder to enjoy each day, it's so hard to believe it's almost June.
You have a most fabulous last day of the month.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

More terrific photos, don't ya luv the chipmunks? I feed squirrels, bunnies, birds and stray cats....LOL! My "fur babies" luv watching them all gather to eat. Play time for the squirrels and bunnies are so fun to watch. We had showers this morning to lower our temps into the high 80's today! Have a great one! Hugs!!

smiekeltje said...

LOL, you are really happy with your new cell phone, isn;t it???? It's sometimes terrible to get through to persons who actually will do something for you. Hope that now soon this phone trouble will be over for you.
All that tech stuff is great, as long as it works and as long help desks do what they are ment to.
I sometimes have even trouble inscribing on an account, or making one, like yesterday with the new agency Jan went to. It's not too difficult to make an account, but everyone on the net seems to have a bit different way of account making and then you have to cross fingers that it will be activated and holds still all you have filled in LOL!
Those chipmunks are adorable!!!!
And yeah, those little things are wort watching and cherishing.
Have a lovely day