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Thursday, April 19, 2012

We're On A Cooler Weather Streak

April 19, 2012

Good morning.  The sun is shining, but it's a bit on the cool side with a promise of warming up to about 69 degrees.  I did not make it out yesterday, but today I really must make the effort.  My car needs to visit the car wash badly, and I think it's way overdo for a maintenance check. 

I don't know about other folks, but I find that living alone gives me no incentive to get out and do things.  It's so much easier to just stay in and keep occupied.  It also makes me very lazy.  However, it also has it's good side.  I can stay in my jammies or house dress all day if I want and nap whenever I feel like it.  I know, I'm bad!

I do want to get back to the park and see about taking more, and better, photos of all the babies.  The one's I took the other day are just not all that great.  I will share a couple of those photos though.  This first one shows the babies as they got back into the water with Mom.  And the second photo is a beautiful resident swan who tends to look after all the new little families.

Today, I need to call and arrange for a fuel delivery.  With this cooler weather hanging around, we will have to put the heat back on for a while.  This is not a good time of year to start catching colds.  The dollars saved will only be paid back out on medical care.  The weather map is showing four days of  rain and even cooler temps from Saturday through Tuesday.  Oh joy!

Wayne came by last night and got my new PC set up and running.  However, I have to call him today to find out where my Norton and Email are hidden.  I don't want to install any of my programs in this new PC until I'm sure the Norton is doing it's job. 

Now I'm going to have a look into the fridge to see what we can have for brunch.  I'm thinking scrambled eggs sounds good.  Hmmm, we'll see.  I will probably have to pick up a roasted chicken later today for Tootsie.  She hasn't been eating well lately, and roasted chicken usually perks up her appetite.  On that note, I'll leave you.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

I kinda know what you mean about getting out and doing things, Edna! I keep saying it’s not just the disability thing; if I had a power chair and a van, I’d get out during the day. It’s just that I can’t lift the manual wheelchair and the walker still makes me tired quickly. But if I had a powerchair, where would I go anyway? (Aside from work, which will have to come after the chair) I suppose I might take the Kindle out for a picnic every now and then.

The little ducklings are so sweet!! And swans are beautiful, but they definitely own the parks they live in! They are so bossy!

Norton is a wonderful and essential thing! I have 360 and it’s caught some nasty stuff. Of course having a log email that I promote on my blog opens me up for attacks, but Norton is a gem!

Hope that roasted chicken helps Tootsie’s appetite. I need to decide what I’m doing with the chicken breasts in the fridge for dinner tonight…

We all got spoiled by early springs that felt like summer and now that spring is here it just totally messes with the system, doesn’t it? Stay warm!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

It is nice to stay in, in just your pyama or some old jogging trousers and warm sweater( glad that at that time nobody is walking around with a camera LOL). Specially when the weather isn;t so nice. But getting out is a good thing to do. Even if it's just for half an hour. But.....being lazy can be VERY attractive at times.
Have a lovely day and weekend.