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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some Days I Am Just So Bad!

April 22, 2012

It's 5:50 a.m. and day is breaking.  There's no rain yet, but it's on the way.  The weather forecaster says that a flood watch is in effect in our area.  So far, we have no rain so I expect to get home this morning and find five thousand hungry birds gobbling up all my grass seed that the rain never watered.  Do I care?  No.

Yesterday was not one of my finer days.  For some reason, I thought that Eddie was coming by in the morning to put down the grass seed.  But when he did not show up, I called and he said he would be by sometime, just not in the morning.  Okay.  Next I left to keep my appointment at the nail salon.   When I got home, I started my laundry, and still no Eddie. 

I was getting a bit anxious now because I really wanted the seed to be all planted by now.  As I was carrying the second load of clothes to the washing machine, I fell in the laundry room.  If I was anxious before, I was now in a downright snit.  As soon as the clothes were in the machine, I grabbed the huge bag of bird seed and and a little plastic bowl and headed for the other side of the house.  (falling down tends to make me very angry with myself)

When I am running around with smoke coming out of my nose, it doesn't take me very long to finish a task.  In minutes, I had scattered that whole bag of seed all over the side yard.  Then I proceeded to trim a lot of the plants.  I got about halfway done with that and I ran out of steam, not to mention that my leg was very sore.

As soon as I got back into the house, I called Eddie to let him know he did not have to come and spread the grass seed only to find that he was on his way and about five minutes from the house.  Oh well.  What can I say?  He was not exactly happy with me but so be it.  I told him next time to give me an estimated time of arrival so that I could plan around his schedule.  I still had to fit in a little nap before it was time to get ready for work.

All in all, yesterday I was definitely not very nice.  Today, I'm okay.  My leg doesn't hurt, I just have a huge purple spot where a blood vessel broke.  Looks like I won't be going anywhere dressed in shorts anytime soon. 

Enough!  Remember yesterday I mentioned that I had one more photo of the little  goslings that I still needed to crop to share with you?  It's my favorite photo of the lot, and I will definitely be having it printed and framed.  I hope you like it.

This shot was taken when the whole goose family was crossing the road.  Just something about the way the babies stuck together in a little bunch put a smile in my eyes, and I had to photograph it.  In case you're wondering, the little white specks on the babies are water droplets.  Isn't this the cutest shot?

There were several planes in the skies above us that evening, and of course I just had to take a picture.  Sometimes I wonder, am I the only nut who takes photos of planes flying overhead?   Not that it matters.  Little things really please me a lot.

Well, it's almost time to gather up my things and head home.  I've already checked on the Mrs, and she is sleeping quietly.  I have a feeling that today is going to be a much better day for this little dragon.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

I completely empathize with you on anger from falling. I am always so careful when I walk and falling mean I got distracted and wasn’t careful. After making sure I didn’t break anything, I scold myself something fierce. Then I get busy on something too. (I wonder if that actually stretches out what you bang up so it starts to heal?) I heal up fairly quick. Of course when it’s a black eye, that means it turns green faster. :P I’m glad you’re okay!

The photo of the geese family is beautiful butt photo of the goslings is just ADORABLE! You should definitely frame that one!

I really hope the sn** stays away from you!

Stay warm!
Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

I can see you running around with the seed bowl with steam coming out of your ears and nose LOL!
I too don;t like it when people make a vague appointment and just don;t show up at the time you expect them, but sometimes life takes over and there are excuses for those people. It just can happen.
Glad your fall didn;t have much impact, just the blue and later purple spot.
Lovely gooslings!

The Queen Jester said...

We are cut from the same cloth, that sounds just like something I would have done...and have. I hate waiting for people. I'm just glad you didn't hurt yourself.

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