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Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Already Friday!

March 2, 2012

Good morning.  It's not quite daylight yet.  Tootsie and I awoke rather early this morning, so we decided to stay up.  Of course, we'll probably need a little nap later. 

I peeked outside, and it's so quiet.  Even the birds are asleep.  Speaking of birds, I can hear them singing and calling all day long here, but I don't see them.  The closest I've come to seeing a bird for more than a couple of seconds was when a cardinal perched on a fence for just a moment.  I couldn't get very close, but I did get one photo.

Yesterday, Tootsie and I found us a flea market, and walked around for about an hour and a half.  Did I find any goodies?  Of course!   I found some really pretty hair bows for my daughter Laura Jean, and a coffee mug for my morning coffee.  There is dishware here but I'm not crazy about drinking my coffee out of dainty cups. I like a mug.

I also found some candy called "Juicy Twists".  They are the same as Twizzlers, but are made with orange juice.  They're pretty good, but I doubt if I'll run back and buy another bag.   I also found another birthday gift, as well as a "Just because I love you" gift. 

By the time we got home, I was totally worn out.   We sat out on the porch and enjoyed a leisurely lunch.  I got caught up on some email, and did a bit of blog reading.  Then it was time to grab the camera and go for a walk.  An hour later, we were back home and in for the day.  My clothes aren't flapping in the wind, so I don't think all this walking is making me very thin.

Last night I got some gorgeous shots as it was getting dark.  I put them into Photoshop to crop them, and somewhere between then and now those photos got corrupted.  Don't ask me how because I can't explain it.   I'm just hoping that I get another chance to take those photos again tonight. 

Here is a mid afternoon photo of the sky as some dark clouds passed on by.  The rays are so soft.

I have another rather pretty photo of palm trees to share.  My friend Nani loves palm trees, so this one is for her. 

Next, I have a photo of the flowering hedge that grows here.  My hedge back home is plain ole green.  This one has beautiful pink flowers all through it. 

And here is a close up of these beautiful little pink flowers.  I would love to have these hedges in my yard back home.

There's really not much more news yet, it's too early in the day.  I'm thinking that maybe we'll do a bit of laundry today.   Maybe we'll go to the supermarket while it's still cool.   On that note, I think I'll get dressed and get started on this beautiful new day.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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