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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So Many Murphy Adventures

February 28, 2012

Good morning and greetings from our very comfy screened in porch here in Florida.   It's been quite an adventure so far.   In the past, I've always arrived here in daylight, usually no later than mid afternoon.  this year Tootsie and I got to Florida just before dark, and drove from the car rental place to our condo in the dark.  That alone was an adventure.  I don't usually drive around here in the dark except to go to the supermarket which is right up the road.

Tootsie and I have been waking early and going to sleep at night rather early.  Yesterday afternoon, we took a walk around the whole complex here.  I never realized it was so big!  About half way around, I was wondering whatever possessed me to do such a thing.  My legs and hips were screaming at me!  But I just kept stopping to take photos of some of the gorgeous flowers here, and eventually we made it back to our condo. 

So far, the birds are hiding from me during daylight.  Methinks they just don't like being photographed.  Sooner or later though, I will get me some photos!!   I've seen a lot of turkey vultures, but they are so high in the sky that I cannot get a decent photo.

On our walk, Tootsie and I met a new little friend.   Most of these little guys are quite skittish, but this one sat for a few photos before running off under a bush.   Notice in the last photo how he was actually trying to impress us with his very colorful throat.  Such a cutie!

Wow, I just got quite a scare!  I tried uploading these photos, and everything froze mid way.  Then my mouse died so I put a new battery in it, but it was still quite dead.  Next, I tried using the touchpad, but that was dead too.  I took everything back into the living room to see if that would make a difference but it did not. 

I'm not going to panic!!!  I'm going to find me a Best Buy and get another laptop.  When I get home, I will raise hell where I bought this one.  But now, my brain has activated, and I think why not unplug and re-plug into the electric outlet, shut down the laptop, then re boot.  Might work?  Yeahhhhhh!  It worked and now I'm back in business. 

This is how things have been going though.  When Tootsie and I arrived at Orlando airport and picked up our baggage, I called the car rental place to make sure they were on the way to pick us up.  The lady on the phone said yes, and she would call me right back to let me know which car to watch for.

  In a couple of minutes, my phone rang.  Unfortunately, I had not learned yet how to answer the darn thing.  Once it stopped ringing, I called the lady back and made my apologies for being so beany brained.  When we got to the car rental office, they showed me how to answer a call on my smart phone. 

When I unpacked the toiletries from my suitcase  that night, I realized that I had forgotten my hair brush .  Well now, isn't that smart!   My hair needed brushing so I ran my fingers through it but it still didn't look too neat.  Come Monday morning, my ancestral roots kicked in and I knew exactly what to do.  I got me a salad fork from the kitchen and combed my hair with that.  Works for me!   Today, I used a dinner fork and found that it works better than the salad fork.  I'm back in business!

This morning after we did our grocery shopping, I made some scrambled eggs and green peppers for our breakfast.  First I got out the frying pan.  Wow!  It's so big I could cook an elephant in it.  Then I looked for a spatula.  Sorry, nothing but a very bendy plastic serving spoon in the drawer.    I did my best, but let me tell you things don't look the same when the pan is huge and the food is spread out so far.  Also, this bendy plastic spoon just doesn't work so good as a spatula.  When all was said and done though, the food did taste pretty good.

My precious little girl is not eating too well, and doesn't see so good any more.  She gets so confused sometimes, and doesn't know where she is.  So now, she follows me everywhere and tries to stay close.  To look at her one would never guess that she can't see them.  She tries to act like nothing is wrong.  God Bless her little soul. 

I have a couple of new photos of Tootsie, one taken this morning when we were waking up, and one just now chilling on the porch floor.  In the process of uploading these photos, I've dropped my mouse twice.  I'm having a good day! 

I think that's about the news for today.  Tootsie and I will be walking over to the office soon to mail some postcards.  If that goes well, maybe we'll walk some more.  At the moment, the weather is simply gorgeous with a little breeze.  Not too hot, not too cool.  Perfect!

I've seen a lot of butterflies and dragonflies, but so far nothing lands so that I can get photos.   I'll be working on that all week.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

And now I’m caught up!

I wonder why the airlines are talking about herding pets into a separate compartment. I mean, seriously, how many pets fly? I betcha more babies fly and they make more noise. Will they be put in a separate cargo bay next? Sheesh!

I’m glad you and Tootsie are enjoying your trip so far, Murphy notwithstanding, it sounds like you’re already nice and relaxed. (My eyes are always green, yes, always as glowy green as they are now, why do you ask?) I’m going to slip that disk you gave me last year in and enjoy the palm trees and pretend I’m sitting on the porch having a cup of coffee with you, okay?

Have a wonderful and warm time!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

It sounds that you are having quite a nice time overthere!
You did get a huge smile on my face telling you used a fork instead of a hairbrush!LOL. Wel, where are we standing in this world if we aren;t a bit inventive and creative at times?
I sure hope Tootsie will feel better real soon and that she will eat better. Perhaps she'll get used to the condo in a day or two.
I do imagine I'm sitting on the proch with you for a wile, a bit chatting, having a coffee and rustle up some lunch, grin.
Looking forward to your next "report"!
Enjoy the great weather.

The Queen Jester said...

Love your creative use of the fork for your hair - also good to see you didn't use the one after your wonderful breakfast - that would have added some interesting sprinkles to the hair!