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Monday, January 2, 2012

There Is So Much Beauty In The Sky

January 2, 2012

It's a beautiful morning here in New England.  Last night was in the mid forties, and today is pretty nice too.  I spent most of the night working on our January kit after the Mrs was tucked in for the night.  It's fun kit with a bit of whimsy to it.  But that's all I will tell you about it, you'll have to wait until next Monday when we each post our first two parts.

I was able to go outside last night for a few minutes and get some photos of the moon.  There were lots of clouds, but they were moving fairly fast so I was able to get a couple of decent shots.  This was the moon on January 1, 2012 a little after 8 p.m.

In this next shot, I tried to include the really bright star not too far off to the side.  Actually, it's probably millions of miles away from the moon, but it looks like it's in close proximity.  The star is the little blurb in the upper left hand corner.  Sorry for the blur, but these photos were taken hand held.

I am absolutely amazed at how much detail of the moon shows up with just a camera.  And hand held to boot!  I just wish I could get the stars to come out better. 

This morning, just before daybreak, I took my camera and went outside to get photos of the dark blue sky filled with moving medium to dark gray clouds.  I used an ISO of 3200, and was lucky to get this shot because in just a few more minutes the sky was much lighter.  Daybreak comes quickly once it starts.

I've been up all night, and I'm getting tired.  It's time to make some breakfast for myself and Tootsie, and then we shall hop into my cozy little bed for a nice long nap.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Your first photos of the year are excellent, Edna! (picked up where you left off!)

The detail on the moon is great!

I probably need to make sure I include some receipts organization. It would make tax time so much easier! If you come up with a good system, please share!

Happy start of 12!
Hugs, Nani

The Queen Jester said...

Nice sky photos. We are finally set up and I'm able to start doing some shooting.

Unknown said...

Hi Edna. I was looking for a way to e-mail you but here is fine :). I have spent most of the day going through your blog. I am usually not attracted to blogs, but yours is different somehow. I love your photo's, especially of the moon! I sure wish I could take close-up photo's like that :). I love sunsets and clouds and you have captured some wonderful photo's of each. Pogo is adorable btw! Well, I just wanted to let you know how I appreciate your blog, and oh, thank you for the quick pages and such! Terri

Unknown said...
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