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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gosh, I Thought It Was A Star!

November 10, 2011

Tis a gray and rather wet morning here in my little part of the world.  I cannot complain though.  It is still warm out and this is the  third day in a row that we haven't had to turn the heat on.  Actually almost four days.  I count this as one of our many blessings.

I guess I really have to get on the ball here and join up with a photo club.  I know I procrastinate, but my friends in Wisconsin keep winning awards at their clubs for their photography and now I'm feeling that I want to try too.  Mary Ann and Cheryl,  I aspire to take award winning photos like the two of you do.

According to my daughter in law, that big star that I was tying to photograph without much luck the other night was really Venus.  I am going to have to pay more attention to the news so that the next time something like this shows up I will be ready for it.

I don't take my tripod to work with me because let's face it, I'm there to work, not play outside with my camera and tripod.  So, you can assume safely (unless I state otherwise) that all my photos are hand held.  When I was taking photos of the moon the other night, I tried my best to get that "big star" in the photo.  It's not the best, but this is what I did manage to get.  It's straight from  the camera, only cropped to fit here.

The next morning, the mist across the street  was so deep that I went out to get a photo of it.  I find getting a good photo of the mist is quite challenging and I keep trying.

My last share photo is one that I took this morning.  I went outside to see how warm it was and had to stop and oooh and ahhh over my beautiful Red Japenese Maple.  Then I went back out with my camera for this photo.  Isn't this beautiful?

Now it's time to rustle up some lunch.  Tootsie is lying here with  that "feed me please" look on her face.  Maybe I'll cook up some scrambled eggs and green peppers.  Oh yummy!  That does sound good.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.  


Snowy said...

You are , that colour of the maple is stunning ! Lol, I see that "star" here as well, wish I had a telescope strong enough to have a closer look at it, it is quite bright, go for it- its always nice to be with like minded people , even if you don't win awards,lol .Hugs Snowy

Nani said...

I completely agree with Snowy on the color of that maple, WOW!

I like the shot with Venus! On given nights at certain times of the year or cycle of years, you can see Venus and Mars from our little old blue-green planet. David laughs at me when I pull back the shade on his moon-roof and just gaze at stars when we're out at night. (I actually know a few constellations when I see them, so when it's clear I try to find them.

I agree it's about time you joined a photo club, Edna! Your photography is good and gets better with every shot. It's time you start collecting your awards! :)

Hugs, Nani

Mary Ann Roesler said...

The red maple is awesome. Can't wait to see the birdy you get with your new "quiet" lens!

The Queen Jester said...

I saw Venus also...but didn't photo it. Lovely Japanese maple tree. I'm just glad you're not in our camera club - I'd never win!

smiekeltje said...

Go for the clun, Edna. And I am sure you can win some prizes.
The maple looks awesome!!!
Isn't it nice that nature gives us sometimes those kind of presents?
Have a lovely day.