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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Didn't Do It, My Neighbors Did!!

May 18, 2011

God bless, it's another wet and gray day here in my little part of the world.  It's around 54 degrees F, and the weatherman says there's a chance for a speck of sunshine on Saturday and Sunday before it turns back to rain again.  Be still, my heart!

One of the news topics on TV this morning was how lack of sleep causes weight gain.  They suggest getting more sleep will help to keep you slimmer.   The newspaper ran a two page article that said obesity is caused by the neighborhood you come from.  Low income equals fat folks!!  GIVE ME A BREAK!!  When are we supposed to take RESPONSIBILITY for what we do?  The bulk of obesity is caused from too much activity called "bend elbow and raise food to mouth."  (Ever notice that there are no obese folks who are wealthy and living in affluent neighborhoods?  DUH!)

My weight gain had nothing to do with my neighborhood or my income.  I used to be a lot slimmer until one year I had a nasty break to my ankle and had to wear a heavy cast for eight weeks.  As often as I could, I spent my time reclining on the sofa with my leg up and plenty of snacks nearby to shovel into my mouth.  As the weight came on, I found it easier to just accept it than to put a lot of effort into diet and exercise.

 So who do I blame for my lack of interest in keeping my weight down back then?  C'mon.  There must be something or someone that we can blame it on!!  Oh, I know!  I can blame it on me!!!  Research and polls should be used to find cures for problems.  Why do we keep spending so much money trying to find things to blame?

Enough of my sass.  Today's photos are shots I took of some the beautiful blooms that the Mrs. got for Mother's Day.  The lilac is my favorite.  I'm hoping that next year there will be a few blooms on my new little lilac bushes.

Eddie is here, so it's time for me to get dressed.  We're (mostly Eddie) clearing out a lot of junk that is in the attic.  It's really quite messy up there.  Squirrels are horrible housekeepers.  They make a mess, they move to another spot!!  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Snowy said...

lol, enjoyed reading the post, you are right - just ourselves to blame for being overweight. I used to do comfort eating and the weight piled on.Plus sitting so much at the desk in front of the computer instead of moving around didn't help. I get the point with poorer areas though - they go for cheap premade food which is high in saturated and trans fats with all the other stuff they put in there. It's more expensive these days to go for fresh and healthy food , plus people have become lazy with cooking and go for easy options. Why all the work if you can have it easy and just shove something pre-made into the microwave? But yes, they are always looking for someone or something to blame it on,lol. Hope you are well-Hugs Snowy

The Queen Jester said...

I can almost smell the lilacs!
I agree with the need to take responsibility for ones own action. I do find getting more sleep has been helping me. The nighttime is the hardest and most likely for me to want to snack because I'm bored. So, now I go to bed early with my book and read for an hour or more before going to sleep.

smiekeltje said...

Yes, most of the time we are responsable ourselves for our weight!And if lack of sleep give you more weight, wow, I should be like a little elephant LOL! So much for all those researches!
The rrian will do your garden well, but you're right, it does need also more sunshine. Hope soon you will have some sunny days.
Lovely that Eddie helps you clearing out the attick. Great guy!
Have a splendid day