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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh Dear! That's Not Snow, Is It?

February 26, 2011
Oh boy, oh boy!! This is our last day before we leave for vacation. Tootsie knows something is up but she's not sure what so she clings to my legs to make sure she is included. Poor baby, I wish she could speak English so I could put her mind to rest.
I got the call yesterday that my new car is in, so today I will go to pick it up. Woo Hoo! Am I excited? Yup yup!! Of course, I will take some photos when I get it back home here. Unfortunately, I won't have much time to play with it. I have one more load of laundry to do later this afternoon. Then I can pack my jeans and my suitcase will be ready to go.
Su just sent me the new logo for our March kit, so you can guess what we will be working on come Monday. Only this time it will be even more fun. We can do it together. Su is very smart when it comes to design and Photoshop, so I'm looking forward to learning a lot from her.
I almost forgot - guess what it did here last night? Want a hint?

Did you say snow? You're right! But thank goodness we only got a little bit. However, I heard the weatherman say something about more snow for either tonight or tomorrow. Here's hoping it waits until I get this sorry body of mine to Florida.
So now I'm off. Got lots to do, and I want to catch up on my favorite blogs. I will try to post tomorrow morning before we leave. Or maybe I can make a small post tonight. After that, everything will depend on whether or not the internet has been put into my condo. So till we next chat, Y'all have a great day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

I'm praying for ya that the snow doesn't get in the way of your scheduled take off! Tootsie's mind will be eased when she is in Florida and warm, I'm sure. :)

You must post a photo of you and your new car!! I'm excited for you!!

Forget all about that nasty ol' snow, Edna! Maybe it will be gone when you get back?

Don't forget, if you have time, to get me a photo of a palm tree. I'll be warmed up vicariously through your photos! Have a safe, resting and WARM trip. Enjoy!

seamhead gypsy said...

Go ahead and send that palm tree to Nani, but send me about 45 more degrees. That should be a comfortable mid 70 temp outside my windows! And if you don't send the stuff, enjoy yourself anyway!!

Nani, check your email box....

dmbsunshine said...

Miss Edna & Tootsie --

Hope that you have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation in sunny, warm, and non snowy Florida. Hoping that when you get back the snow will be gone and the snowdrops & crocus will be pushing through.


aquascrap said...

Have a wonderful trip with Tootsie and when you return hope your weather has changed to one where there's no snow. Good luck with your new car when you return... shame you got to wait a bit longer to enjoy it.

smiekeltje said...

Here's somebody wanting to wish you a happy and warm trip to Florida! Forget about snow and enjoy some sunbeams! I think you can make lots of photo's there, and perhaps you will even have internet. Crossing fingers!
Safe trip, to both of you, I wonder how Tootsie will react!
Have a wonderful time and when you return, you have your new toy, the CAR, to play with LOL!