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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Gray Rainy Day Here In New England

February 25, 2011
Good morning. At the moment, it's gray and raining, and about 32 degrees F. Of course, there are lots of puddles everywhere from melting snow. I just hope the rain doesn't melt all of it. We need a slow melt so that our basements don't get flooded.
I'm at work so this may be a rather short post. I still have so much to do before I leave for Florida so I'll be leaving here early today. Yesterday, I did get my box mailed out, paid a couple more bills, and did my banking.
I never did find the title to my car, so I applied for a new one. Now that's all set. And of course, my day wouldn't be complete if I didn't manage to lose something else. This time it was my spare car key. You know some days I am really bad. It wasn't until bedtime that I found it. It had fallen from my pocket onto my bed and slipped under a coverlet.
After chatting a bit with Su, we decided to change the theme of the March kit altogether. The one we had originally picked was too much of a challenge to finish in such a short time. I can assure you though, that the new one will be really nice.
In all the hub bub, I wasn't able to take any new photos, so I dug out a couple photos of my Florida birds from last year. Here are a couple of pigeons. I know they can be a pesky bird at times, but their coloring is just beautiful.

Gosh, just think. In 48 hours Tootsie and I will be on our way to Boston to catch a plane to Florida. This will be Tootsie's first plane ride and I'm hoping it goes well. In case you have forgotten, she has a bit of a gas problem. Most likely, she will perfume the air on the plane with her special sort of perfumery. It will be a bit embarrassing, so if it does happen, I will just make it look like the person in front of me did it. This promises to be an interesting flight.
Now I must get busy here. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Oh, that could be a good laugh in the plain when Tootsie spreads her "" odeurs" LOL LOL!!! Good idea of you, to pretend then that the person in front of you is the guilty one hahahahaha!
I know how it is loosing things around! Or not knowing anymore where I put it. You found a place for something, oh, that is a good one, here I will ALWAYS find it back. Forget it though!!! But most of the time after a while I suddenly stumble upon it.
Have a lovely day!

seamhead gypsy said...

LOL. I have this vision of Tootsie in her little carrier with this look on her face that says, "who me?" after she sprays her own brand of perfume! You had rain today and we woke up to 6 more inches of the white stuff. I know for a fact that spring is close by as I listened to several innings of the Giants/Diamond Backs ball game this afternoon. Saturday I hope to hear a few innings of the Red Sox/BC game in the afternoon. Have a safe flight!