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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So Much Work, So Little Time

November 16, 2010
Good morning. I'm still waiting on the rain that was supposed to start first on Sunday night, then last night. It would be nice if it would just come and be done with. It's difficult to plan ahead to do work on or around the house when you don't know what the weather will be. A lot of the work is outdoor work.
Due to life making so many changes this year, I was not able to get the yard work finished. The fence is still waiting to be put up, and then I wanted to have the trucks of loam brought in for the yard on both sides of the house, followed by the planting of the grass. Granted, a lot of work did get done, but I was so hoping to have the yard finished too. I guess a lot of it will have to wait till Spring. That's includes planting my new bulbs too. Thank goodness I did not buy very many bulbs to plant.
So far, the only news that I have about Erik is that he went into surgery late yesterday afternoon, and I have not heard any more. Hopefully, the surgery would ease the pressure on the brain and stop the bleeding, and of course, leave no permanent brain damage. Everyone is praying for him to come through all of this.
After enjoying a rather lazy day yesterday, today I really must get a few things done, starting with some laundry. Who knows? I might even toss in some dusting or vacuuming. At some point, I need to go to the post office, and then I should call in our new prescriptions. Actually, I have a whole list here of things that need to be done today. I was just looking it over, and now I'm exhausted. lol.
I want to finish up a couple of color challenges this week plus a couple of collab kits for next month. Those are just as much fun as the challenges. Also at the top of my "to do" list, I have to go through my gift drawer to see what I have already gotten, and what I still need to get for the upcoming holidays. A lot of the stuff needs to be ready for the mail in just a few weeks. Yeah, I know, how did the holiday season sneak up on us so quickly?????
As I speak, Eddie and Bobby have just pulled up to start putting up my fence. Yeah!! Now we'll listen for the neighbors to start complaining. The guys had to move a lot of the neighbor's junk out of my yard back over to their yard. This will most definitely not make the folks next door happy. Oh well, too bad Harry!! They should have moved it over this summer when I asked them nicely to do so.
I don't have any new photos so today I will share one that daughter in law, Janet, took this summer. I thought that the colors and the pattern were quite nice, and I might even use it to make some background designs.
Now I think I shall get dressed and start my day here. There is lots to do in so little time. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a marvelous day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

You're right to say: So much work, so little time! I know the feeling.
Hope it stays dry long enough so that the fence will be ready!
And yes, holiday time creeps up sneaky, and it's there before you know!
I'll get busy now with posting on my blog and catching up on a few other blogs.
Have a great day