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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lovely Bella Buggati

November 7, 2010
At the moment, it's quite dark outside and cold. But then of course, it's only 6 am. It's really 7 am, but I set the clock back an hour for daylight savings. I hope you all remembered to set your clocks back too.

Yesterday I stopped by the library on my way home from having my nails done. They were having a huge book sale, and of course I had to buy a bagful of books. There were so many great books that I finally had to just walk away. BUT, I now have a whole bag of new books to read.

Last night, I finished up the book cover challenge at Magickal Scraps. This month it was to be a story that featured an animal. I love this challenge and chose to have some fun with it. Here are my front and back covers. My Bella bugs are credited to COH Scraps.

These covers are narrow, so I will have to finagle a bit so that Blogger won't move them around somewhere else, or print "one word" sentences down the sides of them. Posting with Blogger here is sometimes like piecing together a puzzle.
Today will be a "catch up on sleep" day. I didn't get any winks during the night, so I read one of my new books. After Miss Tootsie and I have a bit of breakfast and our morning meds, it will be time for bed.
Hopefully tonight, I will be able to work on another challenge, and maybe the new Holiday kit. Tomorrow, Miss Su and I will each be posting two parts of our new collab kit. You will get two parts from me and two parts from her blog. This is a fairly large kit.
Now I think I'll have a quick cup of coffee before it's time for me to go home. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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suruha said...

Good morning! I do like the preview all in one. That's neat! I'll use it next week. Your part is so colorful! I love it!

About your cell phone, LOL. That's so funny. We had a friend lose his beeper some years ago when they were all the rage. We looked and called it and told him we didn't find it. A few days later I was sitting in our big old recliner when, all of the sudden, the chair started talking to me. LOL Why the friend's 'beeps' did not go through all weekend was a mystery. But, on Monday morning, all the messages came through and the recliner was chatting away! LOL It was funny.

Gotta go. I have an appointment. But, I'll be around later.