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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Day To Celebrate Our Veterans

November 11, 2010
Good morning. I'm hoping the gray clears up and lets the sun peek through long enough for folks to enjoy any parades that may be scheduled for today. Today is Veterans' Day, a day set aside to celebrate all of our veterans, past and present. Both my hubby and my brother were veterans, as well as my son, step-son, and son in law and grandsons. We are a very patriotic family, and love our flag and country.
Remember yesterday that I mentioned not hearing from Snowy? Well, not an hour after I had posted my blog, the phone rang. Yup!! It was Snowy telling me what a grand time she has been having nursing her Erik. She said she has plans to come back in late April or early May to help him with his court cases. He is very lucky to have her.
She mentioned that her new phone does not work here, and that she has no access to the internet. No one where she is has a computer or internet, I guess. I mentioned to her that the local library there has computers with free access to the internet. She must have gotten a ride to the library because this morning she was able to post on her blog. Nice to have you back in "Blog World" Snowy. Hopefully, in the Spring when she comes back, the weather will be much nicer.
I spent most all of yesterday afternoon going through photo archives trying to find possible candidates for my new calendar. It was a long process because a lot of my photos have been put on disks, and it takes much longer for them to open when they are on a disk.
I now have a folder full of photos. The next step is to sort through them and decide on the final twelve. You know, I just might get this calendar done this year. I haven't had a chance to get any new photos yet, as I've been busy just trying to catch up on things. I'm hoping to get out one day next week to the park to try out my new camera telescope.
I do have a photo to share today. This one was taken last Friday at work. It was quite windy and wet, and this was one of the better shots that I was able to get. This poor little birdie is hanging on for dear life so that the wind doesn't blow him off his branch.
Now I must go and get dressed. It's time to give Miss Tootsie her morning meds, and I have a few things to get done before Wayne gets here. He didn't have time Tuesday to finish all the things on my "techie" list, so he's coming by today to finish up. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


gypsymonkeyscrap said...

Gorgeous photo!

Nani said...

I agree, fantastic photo! We've had an increase in squirrel activity and I'm going to see if I can get any photos.

Glad you heard from Snowy and all is well!

Bless our Vets!!

smiekeltje said...

Isn't it aweful to have to choose between so many great pictures?
But i'm pretty sure you will succeed!
Nice that Snowy phoned you! I am glad for her that she is having a good time.
I am real busy with Minky's blog as you can notice LOL. I have no eal ideas for a new kit for my own blog at the moment, so I am enjoying the card making etc. How is Tootsie doing? Are the new meds any good? Poor thing has so much to cope with! Give her a good cuddle from me.
And sending hugs to you!