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Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Hoops&YoYo" To The Rescue

September 9, 2010
Miss Tootsie and I slept in a bit this morning and woke up to a really lovely day. The sun is shining, and it's not too hot. Perfect! Because I have to go out in a little while to have my nails done. Pretty nails make me feel nice, so it's worth it to have them done.

My daughter in law thought I could use some cheering up, so yesterday she brought me a really huge greeting card. (It's 11 x 11 inches!) The card features those lovable characters "Hoops&Yoyo." The front of the card reads: "ever feel like you're in the middle of a big ol' stress sandwich? we've been there, friend. and we know just how to solve alllll your problems...."Inside the card reads: "flush em!! twice if you have to! I'm here for you. I'll even bring a plunger." And then of course, as soon as you open the card you hear a flushing sound while Hoops&Yoyo start chatting quite excitedly.
There is no age limit on fun stuff because I just love "Hoops&Yoyo." They are so ridiculous that you just can't help smiling and laughing at their antics. I think you can look them up on

Last night, I made a new layout to show the progress on the shed. As I mentioned earlier, Bobbie and Eddie have been putting on a new roof. Next, they will put new siding on the back side of the shed, and maybe help Moo put in another window. After that, Voila! It's a brand new shed! Here's my layout.

I also have a new layout that I made for the template challenge at DigiscrapStation. Credits go to the Scrappin Cop and Dover for some of the resources used.
Well, now it's time for me to finish my coffee and get dressed. My work crew is here, and I need to get ready to leave for my appointment at the nail salon. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a marvelous day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

It looks your "boys"are doing a great job!
Lovely layout with the hummingbird! Take care of yourself, lady.
Have a great day