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Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh, What A Gorgeous Morning!!!

August 02, 2010
It's just 6:25 am, but what a delicious morning it is so far. The sun is shining a bit, and the temperature is in the sixties. Just cool enough to put on a sweater when you go outside, but the air is so breathable!!!!! Of course you know that this will all change in a few hours, so I'm really enjoying it right now.

This new month of August brings a new round of challenges. For my part, I host the Photo Challenge. I decided that this month we could use one of our photos to make either a greeting card or writing paper with a matching envelope. Actually, I think these things are sometimes a lot nicer when you make them yourself. Here is my challenge layout.
I am still at work with 8 1/2 more hours to go before it's time to go home. The Mrs. is still asleep, so I have a little time to play on my laptop.
Moo has a doctor appointment this morning, so he might be coming be in a few hours to bring Tootsie to me. As you know, we can't leave her alone, so one of us has to be with her if there is no babysitter available. For the life of me, I have never been able to figure out why she has such a wicked separation issue. But it is not worth it to cause her to have seizures, so we never leave her alone.
I keep my eyes on the lookout here whenever I go by the kitchen window, because you never know when that little hummingbird will appear. Last night, he was out here, but not close enough for me to get a good photo. Plus they are so darn quick!! Keeps me on my toes!
Well, it's time for me to get back to work. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a marvelous day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowy said...

Don't work too hard,lol-I have 1 hour left of my shift to do now, and it's absolutely pouring down with rain. Temperature has gone down as well-wonder if that is the end of summer for us here. It has been cooler and rainy for a week now. I like your photo challenge idea with the writing paper and envelope. I'll get busy with it when I come home-let's see what I can come up with. It's a great idea, because I always need paper and envelopes to write to Erik, so he'll have the honour of getting one of those,lol.
Hugs Snowy