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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mixing Up My Schedule

July 27, 2010
Oh what a lovely morning so far. It's a bit hot in the sun if you are standing still, but riding along, you don't need the AC in your car. The cool breeze is just delicious!! I have my schedule a bit mixed up. Tootsie's chemo did not start yesterday. It's on for today and tomorrow. On the way home from the hospital this morning, I dropped my car off at the garage. Hopefully, it will be back before it is time for Tootsie's appointment later this afternoon.

The yard work is coming to a stand-still, but now we are doing a bit of work on the house itself. Yesterday, they started painting it. I will have to get outside and take some photos today, because it really is starting to look better. The dumpster will be picked up this week, so we will get back that part of the yard. Right now, the dumpster is where we usually set up the barbeque grill.

Moo's tests this week are being rescheduled because he caught that nasty cold from helping me when I was laid up with it. I suppose it's a relief in one way, but in another way it is just postponing the inevitable. These days, you can't win for losing!!!!

Sadly, I did send the rental lens back yesterday. I don't know how fantastic it was, but I miss having it. It really is a great "all around" lens. Hmmmmmm. Mayhaps I will have to see how to fit one in my budget.

Today, I need to spend some time making sure all of my August DD parts are ready to be uploaded. August is only a few days away. Also, I thought today I would post a photo that I took a couple of days ago during our "rain sprinkle." If it's hot where you are, maybe this will cool you down a bit. It shows the new dome cover I put on the bird feeder. I know it's not the greatest photo you ever saw, but it is rather cooling to look at.

The next photo I have is a lovely plant that grows by the edge of the pond at our park. I really don't know it's name, but it is so interesting to look at. If you know what it is, please do let me know.
That's all the news I have for today. Now I need to get a few things done around here. Till tomorrow, Y'all stay cool and have a magnificent day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Snowraven aka Silke said...

Yeah.... please show us photos of what your yard and house look like now,lol- can't wait to see !Hey, it makes a change - my August DD are all ready and uploaded -just have to do Photobucket now, and the slideshow once all previews are on there :) noticable that I'm a few days off,lol,
Hugs Snowy

Anonymous said...