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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm Building A New Scrapbook

July 10, 2010
Good morning everybody. I think it really is a bit nicer outside even though I haven't gone out there yet. Through my window, I can see a nice little breeze ruffling the leaves on the rose bush. Either that or there are some little birds playing inside the bush.

Yesterday was another busy day here. While the crew was working in the yard, Moo and I went shopping for a new fence. It was a disappointing trip and we came home with no fence. I must be very picky. When I go around and look at people's fences around their yards, I do not see lots of broken, warped pieces in the fences. Yet when I go the the store, that seems to be all they have for fencing. I just don't figure it. Ah well, I shall try again Monday or Tuesday.

In the morning, there was more wood chipping done, and then the chipper machine was picked up and taken away. After that, we rented a rototiller and the crew was able to till the yard on both sides of the house. After it has been raked and smoothed, we will see if it needs to be done again before dirt and grass seed can go in.

I did take some time yesterday to make a couple of layouts using photos from Wednesday and Thursday. If I keep this up, I will have enough pages to fill a scrapbook. Here is Layout #2. I just couldn't''t resist using this rather comical photo of Moo watching Stephen hauling the brush over to the chipper machine. Eventually they did use the car to drag the stuff over.

For Layout #3, I used a photo of the chipping machine spewing out wood chips into the yard for the background. Then I picked out photos of each of the guys working, including clean up at the end of the day. I'm quite happy with how it came out.
Later, I cooked supper for Tootsie and me and Moo and Erik. My part of the house is cooler than the rest of the house because I keep my windows (not that I have many of them) closed and my curtains drawn. Normally, my door is always open, but in the heat I close it.
My dwarfs are not always very bright. The hotter it gets, the more they cook in the kitchen, and this in turn heats up the whole house. Would you believe that we have several cooking grills outside in the yard under the trees in the shade? In years past, they would prefer cooking outside in the hot weather. But for some reason this year they are being quite pigheaded about it. So I keep my door shut.
I have another rather pretty photo to share. This one is very pleasing to the eye. It's one of the gorgeous blue hydrangeas that bloom where I work. Pretty soon I will be able to plant some of them in my own yard. What a lovely thought.
Now I think I shall have a nice shower, wash my hair and get dressed to start another day. Tonight starts my work week. So till tomorrow, stay Y'all cool and have a marvelous day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowraven aka Silke said...

Ha hah- Moo's expression is exactly right for that commment on the page - brilliant ! And nice to see Erik on the layout helping as well. I could do with his help right now- Shaun and his bloody strength,lol- I can't get the drill bit out of the machine to change it ! Have to wait till he's back with putting a shelf up. Have a nice weekend all of you -hugs :)